What’s the Difference Between Small and Large Accounting Firms?


Many people are under the impression that bigger is always better, but that isn’t the case. When it comes to choosing an accounting firm, many individuals and businesses find their needs are better met with a local accounting firm Denver than a huge firm that does business around the world.

The largest accounting firms consist of Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler. These firms might have some advantages over smaller firms, but the little guys can often provide exceptional service for the average person.

Smaller Firms Can Create Relationships With Clients

Whether you are looking for a full-service accountant for a business or someone to answer your individual tax questions, you don’t need to go with a huge accounting firm. In fact, you’re likely to get better service from a local firm. This is because accountants at these firms have time to learn the specifics about you and will work to build a relationship with you.

Contrary to popular belief, many accountants are dedicated to offering personalized service, something huge firms may struggle with. However, a small firm will ensure every client feels important by providing personalized services and having an interest in their business.

Smaller Firms Are Often More Flexible

Another thing that acts as an advantage for a local Denver CPA firm is the fact that they have more flexibility. Many clients at these firms have greater autonomy than those at larger firms. They can offer a service rate and payment plan that works for both the firm and the client. Most large firms have strict policies and rules that have to be followed.

In addition, a smaller firm may offer extra personalized services for clients. This can help the client avoid spending too much on services or features that they may not need. On the other hand, large firms may require clients to sign on for packages that are more expensive and beyond the scope of the client’s needs.

Smaller Firms Provide Diverse Service Offerings

While huge accounting firms focus on a few specific things, many local Denver CPA firms have additional services. For example, these firms may offer tax and business planning, business advice, and cash flow management solutions. The services are tailored to your needs to help you be more successful.

Since smaller firms build relationships with clients, the firm also acts as more than just a simple tax accounting provider. The CPAs at the firm can sit down with you to talk about your development options. They may provide advice that you wouldn’t get from a huge firm with a hyper-focus on taxes or another aspect of accounting.

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