Simple Author Box Review: A Plugin Authors Dream Of


An author box is an element of a website that contains basic information (name, surname, social media links, etc.) about the author. It is extremely important because it allows you to introduce yourself to your site visitors very quickly and easily. It also improves your credibility and builds a connection between you and the readers. In this way, you will make your site look more professional, which will convince visitors to stay on it or to visit it more often. You can place this box anywhere on your website.

Now that we know what an author box is, we will explain how to add it to your site.
The simplest way to add it would be to use some of the WordPress plugins. Although there are many plugins of this type, our recommendation is definitely Simple Author Box.

You can use Simple Author Box to implement a customizable, fully responsive author box on your site. It is one of the most used author box plugins with over 60,000 active users.
User reviews and ratings are very good primarily due to the large number of features that this plugin offers to you. Also, despite the multitude of customization options, it is still easy to use.

The decision of what information your author box will contain is entirely up to you. You will also have complete typography control which means you will be able to edit the font family or font size. You will also have appearance control.

That way you will be able to manage the look of your author box: margins, padding, and much more. You can further change the look of your author box by adjusting the colors. The color scheme feature could help you a lot here. This feature includes a huge number of eye-catching, professionally designed, pre-defined color schemes.

With Simple Author Box, you can add 45+ social icons to author boxes (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more).

simple author box

This plugin provides you with a post-type support feature. Using this feature you can select the post types where you want the author box to show up. Author link control is also included. Whether the links will open in the new tab or not is your decision.

When it comes to the authors, there are many possibilities. You can easily assign posts to guest authors or to multiple authors. These options are great when you are working on bigger pieces.

Furthermore, it makes contributing easier. There is also a multitude of widgets that you can use to showcase the most popular authors and best contributors.

A Gutenberg block and premium email support are available.


As we have already said, an author box is a great thing and is extremely important. Author boxes are of great importance for guest posting. Guest posting builds relationships, is great for search engines, introduces you to new people, and much more.