SEO for Dentist: Top 4 Strategies to Rank at the Top Everytime


As a dentist, you work hard to help people take care of their health. There’s a reason why the two most common doctors for people to go to are general practitioners and dentists — without good teeth, your health can fall apart. It’s no wonder why most Americans trust their dentists.

But how much thought do you put into search engine optimization?

The fact of the matter is, that in 2021, you need to be considering SEO for dentists. While health is your livelihood, people won’t know just how good you are unless they can find you online.

SEO for Dentist

This article will walk you through 4 SEO for dentist tips that will help you make your business shine pearly white.

1. Research

As a dentist, you’re not shipping out any product, you’re bringing people to you. Your location is extremely important. Because of this, you’re doing what’s known as “local SEO”.
Do some research. When people in your area are looking for dentists, what exactly are they searching for?

Do they complain about toothaches? Search for cleanings? Checkups?

Research is the first step in local SEO for dentists because it helps you learn which keywords to target.

2. Use Reviews

Since you’re not listing products on many of the online marketplaces (Amazon, for example), you’re going to need to get creative in where you slyly slip your SEO keywords in. One of the best SEO tips for dentists we can give is to use reviews!

If you can tell that one of your patients had a great experience, ask them to leave a review for you. Many people trust these reviews, and they will help boost your product to the top of the search engine.

3. Google Maps

The internet gives you many tools at your disposal for you to take advantage of. You may have noticed when you’re looking for a place to eat on Google Maps, that certain restaurants pop right under the map.

If you hit your research right, optimize your keywords, and keep at it, you could be the dentist who comes up first when people are looking for dentists in their area. This will attract a lot of business to you.

4. Hire a Service

SEO is a brave new world for many businesses. It exists independently of your product and even your marketing. Many businesses don’t know how to optimize SEO, since they’re just not trained in it.

Thankfully, there are many people out there who specialize in just that. Hire one to help you achieve the SEO results of your dreams. Online marketing whizzes The Hoth, can help you get all of the dental leads you need.


In the 21st century, everyone needs to get online if they want their business to thrive — that includes medical professionals! Following this SEO for dentist tips will help you establish a practice that people trust, seek out, and want to come back to.
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