How Does an SEO Checker Help Improve Your Google Search Results


An SEO checker is a perfect tool to help increase website traffic. It can increase site speed and influence how your website fares on the Google search engine, which can have a crucial impact on the conversion rates. Your website might be very well designed, but it needs to be visible to bring your business more clients.

This tool can help your potential customers become loyal clients when they see your website has the credibility to rank high on search engines consistently.

An SEO Checker can show you how.

Analyzing SEO Issues

An SEO checker will instantly analyze any faulty SEO issues for your website. It will store past reports and help you understand how your website is faring at present in comparison.

It will help you keep track of weekly changes, and you will get timely notifications when the issues are resolved and the SEO score goes up. On a scale of 0 to 100, a score over 70 is considered excellent.

The tool will conduct a URL optimization check for its length and format. It will give you a crawl and indexation analysis by checking the XML sitemap and robots.txt file.

Check Loading Speed

The SEO checker will tell you if there are problems with loading speed. Every extra second that your website takes to load can result in losing potential customers. Most users want their information in a matter of seconds, and if your website is slow, they will turn to your competitor’s website. You can end up losing 10% to 15% of your customers this way.

An SEO checker will tell you if your website is quick and easy to navigate through the in-page link audit. It will suggest ways of resolving issues that are slowing down your website to take care of the bugs instantly.

It will help you with the coding, making your website easy to load both over computers and mobiles.

Content Issues

‘Content is King’ and the right content is what will make your website viable for your potential customers. The tool will help you check if your content has a good readability and whether it is enough to draw in customers. It will tell you whether the word density is correct and whether the keywords are strategically placed or not.

The tool uses various exams and in-built algorithms. It analyzes your content over several parameters, like checking if the micro-data is correct, and will also suggest ways of improving the technical aspect of your content. It will also analyze the images on the site by testing if they are aligned with the content.

Analyze Heading Tags

The first thing that the client notices on a web page, even before they have spared a look at the content, is the heading. It tells them at a glance whether the website has the required information they are looking for.

The tool will analyze whether the heading has the required words to match the user’s search. It will suggest the right number of words in the heading and point out any faulty HTML tags.

It will also analyze the Meta-title and the Meta-description and suggest better H1 and H2 tags, which are the foremost aspects analyzed by the search engine.

Optimization for Sharing over Social Media

Simply launching a website is a passé. It has to be shared and continuously re-shared over social media platforms to gain visibility. SEO Checkers are now designed to tell you if your website is optimized enough to be shared over social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Snapchat.

It will suggest the right words perfect for social media platforms and are targeted at a particular audience to get the maximum clicks. You can check for social plugins and also check your website’s popularity on Facebook.

Study your Competitors

An SEO Checker will help you study your competitor’s website as well. Both of you might be offering the same services, but what makes your rival website draw more customers? They might have something on their website that you don’t, and it might be making all the difference.

In other words, this tool makes your website more search engine-friendly. With an SEO audit, you can generate your personalized SEO report, which will suggest several measures for improvement. A website needs work to be consistently ranked high on the search engine, and this powerful tool will make your job so much easier.

Once you know that your website is performing well, you can turn your attention to business development and expansion, with your improved, SEO-checked website sending you a steady stream of customers.

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