Securing Remote Access For The Hybrid Model


Hybrid work models remain in business life and remaining safe in hybrid work life is a joint responsibility. Since employees are not at office premises all the time, protecting them from digital threats becomes a challenge to employers. On the other hand, employees also have several liabilities in terms of online security.

Security Requirements of Remote Access

Companies should take extra measures to provide secure remote access for their employees. Legacy and physical measures can not meet the requirements of digital security. As the working environment and reaching the company resources change, safety measures need to be adopted as new necessities. If companies enable their employees to access company resources securely, they can expect them to be more productive and qualified work.

Remote access should be secure regardless of the location and the device that employees connect. This must be the prior concern of companies. The more remote access is safe the more the hybrid model works well. Although there are so many companies that embrace various protection methods, only the ones that adopt the latest and most efficient models can keep pace with the requirements of modern work life.

Turn Hybrid Work In Favor of the Company

Employees expect hybrid work to be more comfortable and less stressed. It is possible with the proper measures and efficient consultancy. If companies create a hybrid work model that is compatible with the new technologies and facilitates employees’ work; they do not need to hesitate on remote work drawbacks anymore.

Another benefit of hybrid work is it eliminates limits. Now, corporations can offer a flexible work environment to their employees and increase their motivation. Companies do not need to give up their employees due to location or any other physical obstacle. The consequence is satisfying both the company and the employee. We also need to state that hybrid work can be considered more advantageous than remote work because people can find a chance to socialize at the same time.

The Scope of the Secure Remote Access

A proper security tool should comprise precautions regarding users, devices, and applications. These are the main pillars of total remote security. Companies must be sure that their security measures provide comprehensive protection. We discussed the most popular and effective tools for securing remote access below.

How to Secure Remote Access For Hybrid Work?

Smart Remote Access

Before passing through the more popular tools, we desire to introduce smart remote access solutions by NordLayer. It is used for creating a virtual LAN and to enable users to connect internal devices. Thanks to the virtual LAN that smart remote access has created, people can safely access internal network devices without compromising their digital security.

Improve your remote access

Smart Remote Access benefits are not limited to virtual LANs. The prominent benefit of smart remote access is its secure remote access opportunities. Since remote access security is vital in a hybrid model, companies should consider smart remote access solutions to give their employees a more comfortable and protective work environment.

With the support of smart remote access, employees can access company resources wherever they are. Plus, employees can create secure VPN connections in or out of the network and accelerate their online security without the need for extra effort. The capacity of smart remote access is considerable in terms of its talent for creating a connection between the company network and external devices.

Secure file sharing

We can not deny the fact that file sharing is crucial in remote access. Each time employees create file traffic, they increase the risk of damage. Although there are different solutions to make file sharing safe in businesses, most of them decrease the quality of sharing.

Smart remote access is an amazing way to provide safe file sharing without compromising on file quality or time. Take the file-sharing part of hybrid work into account and transform your file-sharing style into efficient work.

Effortless management

Smart remote access is applicable to every business and facilitates management entirely. You can monitor your team’s activities regarding business and respond to technical drawbacks quickly without the need for any other support.

All of the features of smart remote access heightened the company’s success in a hybrid model. Succeeding in a hybrid model is not impossible when available tools are implemented carefully. Organizations do not need to keep themselves away from hybrid work just because it has handicaps.

Control Access to Company Resources

Since hybrid workers need to access company resources remotely, companies should protect their online resources more carefully. Remote access to resources increases the hack and leakage risks.

Zero Trust

Companies can benefit from Zero Trust solutions. They can prevent unnecessary privileges by Zero Trust so they can limit resource access. More access means more risks so when companies prevent over-access to the company resources they can mitigate the risks of remote access.

As a manager, you should steadily monitor your employees and their access authorizations. Access authorizations are vital when it comes to company resource security. With the help of Zero Trust, you can give access authorization to employees as much as they need.

2FA or MFA

2FA (two-factor authentication) or MFA (multi-factor authentication) is another way to control resource access. If you want to be sure that the user trying to reach company resources is really that person, you can use further authentication methods such as 2FA and MFA. All we know is that passwords are not adequate to provide total security in systems. Enjoy multi-layered protection by using 2FA or MFA in your network.

Workforce Education

Fundamental technology knowledge is not sufficient when it comes to hybrid model security. If you decide to embrace a hybrid model in your business, you must be sure that your workforce has enough knowledge of hybrid work threats.

Give your employees an opportunity to recognize hybrid work risks and solutions. Endpoint security is crucial, especially in the hybrid model so staff training should be taken into account.


Securing remote access for the hybrid model is a prior concern for many companies nowadays. The hybrid work model stays in our lives and all organizations should learn how to deal with the risks of the hybrid model. The first thing to do is secure remote access and give employees a comfortable remote access opportunity.

Among the number of security tools that promise secure remote access, companies can give a chance to new solutions such as smart remote access. Taking support from a professional firm that offers comprehensive secure remote access can facilitate hybrid work processes and add value to companies.

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