Roofing Business Software- An Unified Solution for Multiple Operational Challenges


A client files a service request, the service manager approves its acceptance, and then schedules a service time after confirming the availability of the service agent, the service agent goes to the client site, delivers the service, and receives payment. That’s the on-paper standard protocol followed by roofing companies for delivering the services. But when it comes to execution, the process flow is not as easy or linear as stated above. Various operational challenges dive in and complicate the process delivery.

Types of Operational Challenges in Roofing Services

Adhoc service request:

A client with a leaking roof, would not favor waiting. Such roofing service requests are made on an emergency basis and require immediate resolution. While such emergency service requests are also opportunities for a brand to establish itself as a dependable service provider, adjusting to ad-hoc responsibilities also disturbs the schedule calendar.

Service timings commitment:

As a client files his service request, one of his straightforward inquiries is ‘when will you fix my problem?” It is also like a mandate for the service manager to commit a time. However, because of limited visibility into field activities, the service manager may not have real-time knowledge about the availability of his servicemen. So, he may fail to make an accurate commitment. The client can notice the inaccuracy in service timings as a delay in service.

Workforce schedule management:

To ensure the productivity of the team, it is important to manage the work schedules of the roofers to keep them free from scheduling conflicts such as overlapped schedules, duplicate schedules, or missed schedules. Scenarios like a roofer having to travel halfway or all the way to the job site only to find out that the client is unavailable for the day, or running late for service because of traveling delays are not good for the reputation of a brand. Thus it is pivotal that while making the schedules, the manager keeps the important points into consideration such as the availability of the roofer, his skill set for a particular job, his traveling distance and time, his location, proximity to the job site, tools, and equipment in his kit, etc.

Productivity convenience and tracking:

Once the roofer is out for his job, it is important that he is provided with the necessary assistance that is required to maintain his productivity. Optimal route planning, real-time access to enterprise data, remote access to self-services, real-time data collaboration, and timely communication, are the genuine mobility demands of a field workforce. These provisions also enhance the manager’s virtual visibility into field activities. Thereby makes it easy for the manager to track the productivity of his servicemen. This promotes accountability among the team members.

The solution

How can a roofing service provider overcome the operational challenges mentioned above? A roofing software powered with technologies like artificial intelligence and automation can provide the necessary help. A roofing business software is a cloud-based system that permits roofing businesses to organize, control, and execute their field operations over a digital or online platform. Job scheduling, route planning, workflow management, invoice generation, pre, and post-inspection reports, data analytics, all such processes get remotely accessible and functional around the clock. These kinds of software suites have multi-capacities, they can function as roofing scheduling software, automated messenger, collaboration tools, route planners, and cloud databases. Also, their capacities can be further enhanced through integration with third-party applications like CRM and payment gateways.


Roofing service providers must not delay their digital transformation. It’s prime time for them to adapt automation with the aid of roofing business software, as this way they can imbibe better productivity within the team members, be more prompt in their service delivery, and deliver an enriched customer experience.

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