A Detailed Guide on the Role of Java for Android App Development


For a business that is looking forward to getting an app developed, choosing the right platform is important and it is already known to all that Android is the most lucrative mobile app platform as it has the largest number of devices running on it.

Even though it’s already common knowledge that Android is based upon Java, so being the core of Android, Java is the naturally preferred language for Android app development. But before entrusting a Java Development Company with the responsibility of developing software, it is imperative for a client to understand the role of Java in Android app development so that they can have more involvement and say over what is being delivered by the development team. So, here is the complete guide explaining the role of Java in Android app development.

First things first, java is not the only language for coding Android mobile apps, there have been other languages that can be used, but Java is still held as the standard language for Android mobile app development. All the power and flexibility offered by an Android app can be attributed to Java. You can do web scraping with Java as well and if you don’t know how to do that scrapingant.com can help you learn this.

What makes Java invincible for mobile app development: key aspects

As a programming language, Java has been in practice for more than two decades and it is still ruling as one of the most popular and extensively used programming languages worldwide. There are strong reasons for this popularity and the phenomenal growth of Java

1. First of all, Java is not just easy to learn but even quick to master

2. Java is a platform-independent language and hence it can be deployed using virtual missions

3. Java showcases unmatched flexibility as it is an object-oriented language

4. Incorporating different features and applications is easy with Java as it is highly versatile

5. Another prime reason for preferring Java is its top-notch security in different programming and running environments

6. Also, it supports the development of diverse applications as it comes packed with a huge variety of inbuilt tools and IDEs

7. And as mentioned above, Java is more than two decades old and has been ruling as the most popular programming language, thus it is supported by a huge community of developers and programmers. Therefore, by choosing to program with Java, there is always the benefit of having access to any kind of resources from the Java community and also to a huge number of tools that are available for free.

Why Choose a Java Application Development Company for Multi-platform Development?

For a client (business), the prime piece of knowledge is that it’s the time for cross-platform development, which has already taken the lead over platform-specific development. Therefore, it is important to develop the source code of an app in a language that offers flexible multi-platform deployment and Java is the supreme choice in that regard.

The platform independence offered by Java makes it particularly invincible for mobile app development. Most programming languages, excluding Java, have this invariable need for a compiler that minimizes the size of the code to fit into the machine. However, Java has the inbuilt flexibility to use portable code across machines. Technically, this flexibility results from the source file widely known as ‘bytecode’ in the Java world. This byte code is operated by Java virtual machines across the devices and because of it, Java can become platform-independent and thereby easily it can deploy the same code across different device platforms.

Thus, selecting Java as the programming language is the right start whether the client is targeting an Android app or a multi-platform app.


After choosing the right eminent Java application development company, the client need not worry about the technical capacity of the chosen programming language and can be confident of choosing the most popular and flexible language that has the ability to build high-end features in the app. Although the client would never get into the need to read the codes, if there is any client – with an in-house technical person who wishes to review the codes written by the development team, then Java is the most human-readable language out there. Even a person who knows nothing about programming can look at Java code and have at least an inkling of what it’s doing.

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