The Role Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Ensuring Safe Flights


The maintenance, upgrading, and quality assurance of airplanes are the focus of the specialized degree known as “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering,” which is only provided by some noted institutions. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has licensed and authorized the course Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (DGCA). The International Civil Aviation Organization also recognizes the license on a global scale.

There are many renowned Colleges of AME in India providing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. One of the best aviation Colleges in India is the Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE). If you are planning to take up career-best aviation colleges in aircraft maintenance or aviation, this post is definitely for you! go through the complete post and know what AME is, its benefits, and the role of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Ensuring Safe Flights.

What is AME?

Few institutions offer the specialized education known as “Aircraft Maintenance Engineering,” which is focused on the upkeep, improvement, and quality control of aircraft.

There are two course types in aircraft maintenance engineering, A and B, which vary in terms of the amount of knowledge that may be retained by the students as well as the length of the course. The complex and demanding Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course entails several duties. The program combines theory and practice, and frequent field trips provide the student’s plenty of experience in the aviation sector.

An aviation maintenance engineer’s (AME) duties might involve extensive modification and repair of the aircraft’s structure or systems in addition to line maintenance, routine maintenance, and fault rectification. In many accredited maintenance organizations (AMOs), teams of less skilled employees are supervised by the AME.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

There are numerous roles and responsibilities an AME needs to take care of. Some of the important roles are listed below.

  • Whether an adjustment, repair, or replacement is required is determined, and if so, the manufacturer’s or company’s maintenance plan and the instructions for using the applicable equipment are adjusted accordingly by the AME.
  • By physically evaluating the skin and noting the state of landing gear parts, leaking connections, proper part fitting, and operational controls, one examines and tests the quality of aircraft parts (such as engines, wings, tail, fuselage, and landing gear) for serviceability.
  • The job of an AME is to inspect and repair mechanical, structural, and operational problems with an airplane.
  • This guarantees that a plane works and flies following the standards established by the aviation division.
  • To ensure that an aircraft operates safely, do both regular and urgent maintenance, and upkeep of the airport and its machinery
  • Perform pre- and post-flight checks
  • Perform a comprehensive check of the aircraft before and after the trip.
  • Keep up with new airplane models, Keep abreast of aviation laws, rules, norms, and practices, and Test and repair aircraft to address wear-and-tear issues.
  • Before the aircraft takes off, sign the maintenance certificate, Identify and maintain aircraft-related mechanical and electrical issues, and Utilize both hand and power tools to look at replacing damaged parts.

The Role Of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In Ensuring Safe Flights

Maintain Security and Safety Measures

Engineers who work on aircraft must be conversant with all applicable security and safety policies. All relevant licensing and procedures must adhere to the highest standards since aviation engineering has a crucial safety role and a direct link inside the chain of events that might result in any type of aircraft mishap.

Along with these responsibilities, an aircraft maintenance engineer must also ensure that safety requirements are followed following the standards and guidelines established by the DGCA.

Taking care of aircraft maintenance

Engineers who maintain aircraft make sure that they are all safe. They carry out routine and urgent maintenance every day to accomplish this.

This can involve doing standard pre-flight examinations of the engines and mechanical systems, installing electrical circuits, testing aircraft communication equipment, and dismantling, inspecting, testing, and repairing aircraft engines.

They must also maintain a thorough record of the maintenance done.

Ensures that adjustments and repairs

Ensures that changes and repairs are made as needed, such as cutting a new metal patch to replace damaged material on metal skin surfaces in compliance with the Type Certificate (TC) holder’s structural repair guidelines.

Read engineering drawings and make sure that structural members are fixed in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and to an approved standard.

Supervises the performance of service activities

Oversees the completion of maintenance tasks such as tire and oil inflation, fuel/oil replacement, and lubrication, as well as the cleaning of structural and mechanical parts and the replacement of light bulbs.

These operations are performed using a range of test instruments, hand tools, and other tools in line with the Type Certificate holder’s instructions.

Best AME colleges or institutes in India

AME courses in India are gaining more and more popularity among young engineers who want to make their career in the aviation industry. To make their dream come true, the Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE) brings AME courses to its Delhi-based campus. IIAE is one of the prestigious AME institutes in India. It is best known for its quality education and successful placement drives. They have collaborated with multiple noted aviation companies such as Indigo, GoAisa, India, Emirates Airlines, and more.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India has a great scope and the demand for the same is increasing at an exponential rate. Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE) is among the top colleges for AME in India. If you are considering making your future in this stream then do follow the complete post. Here you can find detailed information on the roles and responsibilities of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

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