Reviewing the ASP E-Commerce Solution


Nowadays, most people prefer shopping online over going to the stores. However, the online shopping field is quite competitive, and as an entrepreneur, you need to stay ahead of the game to compete with the best. As an online brand, you need to ensure that you use the best e-commerce solutions available.

There are plenty of e-commerce platforms available on the market. One of the best e-commerce solutions on the market is the ASP e-commerce platform. Herein, we will review some of the top features found in the ASP e-commerce solution.

Headless Architecture

Agility and scalability are vital when it comes to developing good software. The headless architecture features a decoupled front and back end. This means that developers can use different tech stacks to build the frontend and backend features.

Headless architecture also allows developers to work on different features without fear of breaking the platform. The backend unit features the database and APIs that handle user requests. The storefront is the landing page featuring the payment and checkout buttons.

Cloud-Native Support

The ASP e-commerce solution features cloud-native support. Cloud computing provides higher processing speeds, security, and space than third-party hosting services. The ASP e-commerce solution uses the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Cloud services offer close to 99% uptime, which is a plus for any online business. Cloud services also offer proper data security. This will come in handy, especially since your e-commerce platform is handling confidential user data.

Lowest TCO

The total cost of ownership matters a lot, especially for small SMEs. The ASP e-commerce solution has one of the lowest TCOs of all e-commerce platforms. You can install third-party plugins and APIs to boost customer experience at no extra cost.

The ASP e-commerce solution is also open-source, meaning that you get feature updates for free. Consider this: with other e-commerce solutions, especially premium editions, you will need to pay annual or periodic fees for feature updates.

API Integrations

APIs can help improve customer experience on e-commerce platforms. Statistics show that most online users prefer using sites that offer quality experiences. APIs are also lightweight and faster compared to plugins.

There are different APIs on the market. Some of the most common APIs include SEO and marketing, payment gateways, email marketing, and coupon or customer reward APIs. Payment gateways are critical if you have global customers. Most payment gateway providers like Brassica are available and will help you to handle everything including taxing and currency conversion.

Mobile-First Design

Most people access the internet using their smartphones or tablets. The ASP e-commerce solution features a mobile-first design, meaning that the site is responsive. It is also something you should consider when looking for an e-commerce solution.

Mobile-first designs complement user experience. However, we recommend hiring a UI/UX expert to help you come up with a good landing page. Ensure that the platform has all the necessary features such as checkouts with minimal redirects.

Wrapping Up

The ASP e-commerce solution is one of the best e-commerce solutions in the market. It has some great features that make scalability and deployment easy. Other things that will come in handy include payment gateways, especially if you are selling to global customers.

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