Longevity: The Relevance of Print Media Despite Digital Innovation


Ever since the dawn of civilization, man has taken to writing as a form of communication. It goes way back to when people took note of their supplies and wrote about their surroundings on clay tablets.

These records helped us know about what happened back then as the concept of media as we know it didn’t exist. Over time, we developed the written word into sentences, poems, songs, records, and news because of the need to communicate.

It became more widespread through innovations, including the invention of the printing press, which enabled materials to become accessible to nearly everyone. Nowadays, information can be obtained with a mere click on the internet, but that hasn’t stopped print media from prevailing and still being one of the most useful tools of our time.

Solid Proof

Even if almost everything today is automated and advanced, some people still prefer what they can hold and touch. These include newspapers, magazines, letters, and even comic books and signs.

We can’t help but feel more secure and comfortable reading what we can also take with us or what we’re sure that we can see again when we visit a place.

For example, you can feature your business in a fair, but you’ll be missing a good part of your potential clients when you only rely on your website for marketing, especially when you’re relatively unknown. It can help you to put up a physical sign with the assistance of a tarpaulin manufacturer in Manila.


Another advantage that printed media has is the flexibility of time. As long as the paper, book, or even sign exists, you can go back to read it at any point in time. While you can also do so with digital media, it’s going to be a challenge when the internet is slow or when the electricity is down.

Print items are available as long as they’re taken care of, and you don’t have to always think about whether it’s removed or erased. Also, they’re better for your personal security than visiting, say, an unsecured website.

Sentimental Value

Have you ever experienced writing or receiving love letters from someone you admire? Or maybe you anticipated mail coming from your friends or family that contained hand-written words of endearment and love? Say what you will, but that kind of experience can make someone very happy.

Despite today’s trend of chatting online and using our phones and gadgets to send messages, nothing beats reading through something that you can also touch. It’s also interesting to not just see letters and designs but also to appreciate the material that they’re printed on as well as the effort it took to make such.

The charm of print just doesn’t go away. Before you jump to conclusions, this doesn’t aim to discredit the importance of technology in our lives.

It shows just how much printed media still affects the lives of many, even to this day. It started from humble beginnings and took people’s lives to a whole new level, so now we can appreciate its value and help throughout human history.

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