Red Light Running and its Consequences


There have been many cases when you have observed that people run the red lights. In most cases either people don’t bother, or they are in a hurry of reaching somewhere. These conditions can lead to a severe risk to your lives. Once you jump the red lights, you become responsible for any sort of damage you witness for your life or property.

The Reason Due to which People Run Red Lights

It has been investigated that most of the people run red lights because they have an urgency. But, they don’t realize that being late for some minutes is far better than putting your life in danger.

In other cases, people run the red lights because they were not able to stop in time due to their over speed. It can even become fatal for them. Sometimes, the driver is under the influence of some drugs that cause this mishap. There have been cases observed when people were not able to pay attention to the red light as they were busy using their gadgets.

Consequences of Running a Red Light

You must be thinking that just jumping a signal can’t have a devastating impact on your life. But, you are incorrect as small negligence can cost you a lot. There have been various consequences that you have to face if you run a red light. Some of them are:

  • There are more chances of severe injuries if you try to run a red light. You become prone to devastating accidents that can change your life in seconds.
  • The running of red lights can even cause your life. There have been many cases observed when people who have run the red lights have even lost their lives.
  • The driver can face various criminal penalties if he shows negligence towards the traffic laws. The driver is bound to be liable for aggressive driving if he doesn’t pay heed towards the well-being and safety of his passengers and drive recklessly.

Consequences when you Met with an Accident After Running a Red Light

You are liable to face legal action if you met with an accident after running the red light. Here is a list of consequences that you have to bear.

  • You can be put liable for risking the lives of other people on the road.
  • If you have to face such an accident, then you and your insurance have to pay the damage caused.
  • Your insurance company can decide to revoke your insurance if you are found guilty for several times.

Steps were taken by the Government to Reduce the Red-Light Running

  • The laser shifters and Rader detectors have been installed at various places that have instilled a threat among the drivers.
  • Efforts have been made to change the time of yellow lights.

Prevention Techniques

You need to be vigilant enough to know whether something is good for you or not. Some preventive steps you can take:

  • Develop a habit that you don’t break the red lights and maintain a proper speed while driving.
  • Try to maintain a decent speed while driving so that you remain at a safer side.
  • Always remain alert about the traffic around you so that you can’t land yourself in any trouble.

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