Best Universities to Pursue ME in Information Technology


Finding an ideal university to pursue your dream degree ME in information technology can be a challenging task. Are you the one who has pursued graduation in Information Technology and is looking for further courses that can help level up your career? Well, a master’s degree in Information Technology can be one of the best ways by which you can level up your business skills, and leadership skills, advance your career, and position yourself in the tech industry.

The IT programs combine the knowledge of IT, communications, business, and technology and the skills imparted vary in aspects which include business intelligence, data science, project management, software processes, etc. In order to be admitted to the Master in Engineering in IT, you must be aware of all the major and minor aspects of the course. From the best colleges to course structure, you should know all things related to your dream course.

Why should one get a master’s degree in Information Technology?

There are many best engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai that provide master’s degree courses in the Information Technology domain such as TERNA College of Engineering, Nerul. It is known for the creation, management, and various other practical applications of software and computer networks along with that it helps businesses to convey information easily to each other and that too on a daily basis. Information technology is constantly emerging since the 1970s and there is a deep focus on development and software operations. Information technology has a major role to play across various other sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and even services.

What should one look for in ME in Information Technology?

Before looking for a course in the information technology domain, you should look for top private engineering colleges in Mumbai. IT programs need to help the complex computer as well as the network-related aspects, So, the curriculum needs to focus on the aspects such as data management, computer security, and software engineering. The course might even include the principles of forensics and enterprise security. Master of engineering courses even allow the users to focus on their particular subfield. And depending on the program the students can focus on elective courses and their career goals. The cost of the course varies as per the institution and there are many private and government institutions from which one can select to pursue the course.

Admission Requirements

There are different admission requirements for different business schools. The colleges and universities keep the applications for the tech-related field related with a competitive GPA score. Applicants have prior experience in the IT field which will be quite beneficial. Also, depending on the program GRE scores can vary. There are institutions that require you to participate in Admissions and interviews as well. M tech in mechanical engineering colleges is there which helps the students to get excess to the best courses.

Specializations in Information Technology

There are a lot of specializations on which the aspirants can complete their course. There are different criteria and course elective requirements for the specializations. The various specializations are

1. Network defense and ethics

The course helps the students to learn various hacking techniques. The skills imparted in this course are that of IT professionals and one can know how to defend the systems and make them free from malicious hackers.

2. Analysis and design

The course has various aspects of system and design analysis. There are new techniques that the students can learn and that too in the most efficient way. There is an increase in productivity due to the efficient requirements of the computer. Instructions involve system requirements, displays, functional design, and a lot more.

3. Forensics

In this, the students get to know a lot about computer investigations and they also develop problem-solving skills. Moreover, they typically learn how to investigate and cover security breaches.

Best Universities To pursue an ME in Information Technology

Engineering universities or colleges give new and exact directions to students through which they can make their careers in their respective fields. In India, there are several universities and colleges that provide ME in Information Technology courses such as;

Delhi Technological University

  • IIT Delhi
  • TERNA, Nerul
  • IIT Mandi
  • IIT Madras

Among all the above-shared universities or colleges, TERNA College of Engineering is one of the ideal ME colleges in Mumbai. It is popular because of its faculty, educational curriculum, and other co-curricular activities. This ME college provides the best platform to all those students who want to upgrade their skills.

Jobs after an ME in Information and Technology

Master in IT degree holders can pursue various high-paying jobs, these include database administrator, information security manager, certified information, system security professional, web developer, software engineer, and many more. Those who pursue an ME in information Technology earn a handsome amount of salary which grows over time and as per the experience they have in their field. Getting an ME degree in IT from any noted ME college in Maharashtra opens countless career opportunities for students, Thus, choosing an ideal university for your bright future is highly beneficial.


ME is focused on knowledge however MTech is focused on skill development. The ME course is for 2 years as it is a postgraduate professional degree in Engineering. The salary after MTech is 4-5 lakhs per annum. Btech is a graduation program however, the ME is a post-graduation program. Doing this course from TERNA College of Engineering would be the best choice of your life as they have the best placement rates and we all know for engineering students placement is a highly beneficial and essential part of their future careers.

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