Easy Methods To Overcome Time-Consuming Process Of Link Building


Do you know the methods to overcome time-consuming process of link building? Emerging technologies are unfolding in various digital marketing forums, but nothing beats search engine optimization. Today, every business is striving to appear on the search engine results page (SERP). After all, higher visibility brings more organic traffic to your webpage while increasing the chances of conversions. However, the ever-evolving Google’s algorithms discourage people from practicing SEO.

It is essential to keep up with Google, but you don’t have to exhaust all resources. Focus on the key ranking factors – link building to make your SEO strategy a success. Although marketers think it is an old-school practice, link-building is still Google’s top-ranking factor. So, why not create a few backlinks? It is a process of putting links to other websites that direct towards your page. The search engine uses these links to crawl to webpages and assigns ranks to them.

Moreover, when other websites link to your page, it creates an impression of credibility. Google perceives your site as an authority, and in turn, it increases ranking. However, if any link is coming from irrelevant or spammy websites, Google has every right to penalize your site. Instead of indulging in black hat SEO practices to get quick results, let us help you follow the correct path.

Here we are bringing some easy methods to overcome the time-consuming process of link building.

1. Use Different Keywords

Have you heard of anchor text or keywords? These are the words or phrases people use to search for products and services on the search engine. If your webpage has that particular keyword, it will appear on the results, or else the visitor will click on the competitor’s site. In case you are targeting irrelevant keywords, look into MWTS’ ultimate anchor text guide for bloggers to learn the ropes. In addition to increasing your site’s visibility, you can add backlinks to keywords and enjoy a higher audience outreach.

Firstly, optimize target keywords and place them in the content naturally. For instance, if you sell dresses – add a backlink to ‘dress for girls or women.’ You can also use branded anchor texts to create brand awareness among people. Since you are adding a backlink to these keywords, it also directs referral traffic to your site. These people have a keen interest in your offerings, boosting sales and profits.

2. Create Link Roundups

These days, link roundups are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. It features links to other brand’s blog posts since the idea is to share content with readers. So, how about you find content from other sources that your audience can enjoy? It becomes possible through link roundups. Start searching on Google and find roundups that align with your niche. Likewise, you can get featured in a link roundup with stellar content. You can also email the bloggers and submit your content for the roundups. It will help to build backlinks from authority websites while driving traffic.

3. Build Broken Links

Despite inserting backlinks on various sites, people cannot access the webpage due to broken and dead links. It informs the visitor that the webpage no longer exists, showing a 404 error page and decreasing website traffic. As a result, Google assumes your web page does not provide a good user experience, reducing your rankings. Thus, instead of starting from scratch and creating guest posts, start fixing the broken links. You can either leverage digital tools or keep a close eye on your website.

Whenever you notice a significant change in bounce rate or traffic, consider it an alarm for an underlying problem. Otherwise, download a link manager tool and catch sight of all broken links. If there are broken internal links, you can fix them yourself. In case of broken external links, email the blogger with a new link, and request a replacement.

4. Turn Mentions into Backlinks

Did someone mention your brand on a review site or social media? It is one of the easiest ways to get new backlinks for your site. You can contact the webmaster and request them to turn that mention into the backlink. Similarly, you can reclaim links through social media by leveraging Google Webmaster tools. It finds mentions looking like links and also helps you get in touch with the site owner. However, you have to do a little extra digging to find links that don’t look like URLs. Utilize the SERP research tool as it performs all advanced search operations.

5. Repurpose Content

Surprisingly, not all link-building techniques are outreach-based. You can build high-quality links by submitting content in the right places. For instance, if you have any infographics, send them to infographic directories and photo-sharing sites. But you have to restructure your content by repurposing it. If you have an insightful blog post with entertaining examples, consider repurposing it into a different format, such as a video.

In addition to inserting additional links, it will expose your content to a broader audience. Moreover, you can syndicate your content to third-party web pages. It means when you publish an article, other sites will pick it up and post it with a backlink to your site.

Wrapping Up

Everyone has an urgency to get their brand on the top results, and link building is the best way to improve search engine visibility. You will come across many backlinking sources, but it is essential to identify black-hat SEO practices. Stay away from spammy and paid links and look for reliable backlinking options. If you want quick results, fix broken links, utilize keywords, and create roundups to streamline your SEO strategy.

I am a young digital marketer and a blog analyst, Author from Uttarakhand, India. I have been into blogging since 2013 and helping businesses with their SEO requirements. I have 12 years of experience; during the journey, I have worked on many websites and made good friends. I research and share my knowledge with everyone to help them succeed as solopreneurs, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. You can also find me on LinkedIn and see my entire journey.