The Advantages Of Using A Pre-Employment Background Check


Employers in today’s business world strive to hire the best candidates possible for their open positions. With all the advancements in technology, companies are now able to know about potential employees more than ever before. A good background check should now be expected for anyone seeking employment in the market. Here are a few ways of how they are beneficial to any employer looking to hire the right person.

Understanding Why Companies Use Background Checks

There are several benefits to using a throughout background check for an applicant, which include,

  • Reducing the likelihood of workplace disagreements
  • A wider range of quality applicants
  • Avoiding loss of profit or negative publicity

Comprehensive screening before employment allows organizations to be more proactive rather than reactive, thus improving long-term stability and success.

Better Qualified Candidates To Choose From

It’s assumed that any company wants to hire the highest qualified candidates available, but finding them isn’t always easy. These screenings before giving employers an upper hand in the selection process for several reasons. To begin, it’s harder for candidates to be misleading or provide false information on a resume. Individuals who know a rigorous process exists before ever starting to work are more likely to stay on the job for longer periods. Consequently, there will be more qualified applicants who show they are ready to be successful employees.

Background Checks Improve Workplace Culture

Successful businesses need employees who can work together to achieve a common goal. As part of the screening, many places companies use a personality screening to see how you would react in different scenarios. Further, you might be asked to role-play or demonstrate how you would handle challenging circumstances when employee collaboration is the most critical. 

Replacing Unqualified Candidates Gets Expensive

The company that hires the wrong person can lose out on a large sum of money as well. There is a significant amount of money that is used in the recruitment and hiring process, quality training, along with payroll/benefits that were lost. There is also the time that will need to be re-invested to train another individual who can fill that vacancy. Any successful business should have the goal of hiring employees who want to establish a long-term relationship with the company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employees stay about four years at any job. That number can be higher with the right company culture. 

High Expectations For Employees Make A Positive Environment

Several studies have been done that show that happy employees are up to 20 percent more productive than unhappy ones. Smooth-running offices that establish a line of communication with clear expectations from the beginning are more likely to have happier employees. Getting to know as much about your potential hires can be the starting point to establishing fair and consistent routines.

Past Behaviors Usually Predict Future Performance

Knowing an employee’s past should never be viewed in a negative light. Consistent work history, positive references, and verifying information are different ways to give employers more peace of mind behind their decisions. When the interview process becomes more rigorous, it helps encourage healthy competition among the best candidates possible. 

Background Checks Are Good For Long Term Success

In summary, a background check enhances the chances of long-term success for any organization. 

  • Reduce chances of employee turnover and instill a positive workplace environment
  • Avoid loss of profit for the company (wasted benefits, training, and recruitment expenses)
  • Sets a standard for a more productive workday, ultimately improving on the whole as a company
  • Establishes a professional relationship between employers and employees

Most companies have the goal to hire the best-qualified employees to work for them. Even with all the proper screening, sometimes an employee isn’t a good fit. However, utilizing a good background check will help ensure the choice made was a wise decision.

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