Practical and Important Points to Keep in Mind in Forex Trading


The forex market, like other financial markets, has its fans and many traders are active in this market with different methods and strategies. Do you know the important points in forex trading and how to get profit from this market and manage your risk? These important points in forex trading will help you to learn the general details of investment and activity in the forex market and have more profitable transactions. In this article, we will talk about practical and important points that we should keep in mind in forex trading.

You Need to Know When Not to Trade

One of the most important trading skills in the forex market is knowing when not to trade! You can usually come up with reasons why the price fluctuates, but that doesn’t mean you have to take action to trade. So you have to trade like a sniper, just wait for the best position and try to keep your focus along the way. In this section, we have mentioned 6 times when you should not make a transaction:

·         When you haven’t done any analysis

·         When the price has crossed your entry point

·         When you want to increase your trading volume

·         When you don’t know where your exit point is exactly

·         When the market has experienced extreme price fluctuations

·         When the type of market movement does not match your strategy

Identify the Right Time Frame

We constantly switch between daily, four-week, and one-hour time frames depending on how the price moves. Sometimes the daily time frame fluctuates a little, but 4H or 1H will provide you with good trends in forex charts.

Therefore, in such a situation, we should go to lower time frames, but when 1H or 4H is too irregular and the candles have many shadows, we refer to the daily chart, where the movement of the chart is slower and predictable. Of course, this is a general rule and there are many exceptions.

Control Your Emotions in Trading

In the third case, we mean controlling emotions and managing them, not that you know when to get out of a trade. What we mean here is to know when to step away from your trading desk and stop trading.

Emotions such as fear, greed, and revenge cause irreparable problems for most traders. For example, revenge trading after a loss or overtrading will result in bigger losses that are much harder to recover from than our past losses. Therefore, every trader should have a daily or weekly stop rule and know when to stop and manage their emotions.

For example, after 2 or 3 losses in a row, end your day and try not to open any more trades. Or, for example, you lost 5% of your account in a week, so that week can no longer have a high chance for you to win, and you should try to control your transactions. In general, it can be said that trading is not a sprint, it is a marathon and you need to make sure that you operate according to those basic principles because they ensure that your trade is on a solid foundation.

Never Stop Learning

The first step to start working in any field is to get to know the basic concepts and master them. Because the forex market has variable conditions, traders are required to spend enough time to get complete information about it. To be successful in this market, it is better to constantly evaluate your performance and increase your knowledge in any area that you think will help you in your trading.

Various political and economic events, outbreaks of diseases, outbreaks of war, and such cases are considered among the cases that knowing them gives a better view in predicting the market trends and your purchases and sales, therefore, continuous reading and follow-up of the news is also recommended.

Also, keep in mind that demo accounts increase your preparation without incurring losses by simulating the real market, so you can gain enough trading experience before entering the market. Of course, it should also be said that trading too much in this space is not very suitable because it is not associated with risk, so try to observe certain limits in this case.

Find Your Trading Strategy

The purpose of trading strategy is to specify the framework on which your transactions will proceed based on its principles. It is interesting to know that this will increase your mental discipline and will make you know what you want from the market as a result. Therefore, to achieve a good strategy, it is necessary to evaluate and test all aspects of your desired investment.

For example, determining the trading time frame, including long-term, short-term, and medium-term, the analytical method, whether technical or fundamental or both, specific symbols that you intend to trade, and such things are among the things that can be determined by specifying them. , you will find a chance to find the right trading strategy.

Therefore, before starting to work in forex, try to find a trading strategy for yourself and stick to its principles, and keep in mind that by doing this, you will not be influenced by the emotions of the market and get a better view of your performance.

Observe Capital Management

A large number of successful traders in the forex market believe that the key to their success is managing their capital. Regardless of this, buying and selling in the forex market is gambling and will bring us nothing but losses.

A suitable capital management system can reduce the risk of each of your transactions and manage the risk of your user account in general. Adhering to the principles of capital management gives you the possibility to carry out your transactions in a controlled manner and to focus only on long-term profitability and not to consider short- and medium-term events and fluctuations and be influenced by them. Do not act hastily.

Additional Tips for Trading in the Forex Market

Currency trading can be associated with risk and difficulty, also the interbank market has different degrees of legislation, and forex instruments are not considered standard. Other important points to consider in forex trading include:

·         Avoid suddenly increasing trades after a successful and profitable trading period

·         When in doubt, get out of the market and don’t take action to enter the market while in doubt

·         Always avoid small profits against big losses and consider the risk-to-reward ratio

·         Protect your profits by setting a stop-loss limit for trades

·         Set aside part of your profit. After you have had a few successful trades, save a part of your profit in a special account and use it only in case of sudden and unpleasant events

·         Divide the risk equally. If possible, trade 4 or 5 assets and strictly avoid investing your entire capital in just one currency pair

To Succeed in the Forex Market, You Need to Stay Disciplined

Today, the Forex market is the largest financial market in the world, which according to the 3-year report of the Bank for International Settlements has a daily turnover of more than 6.6 trillion dollars. This turnover is mostly related to the world’s big banks, financial institutions, and the rich.

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