Filing a Personal Injury Case Against a Business- 6 Success Steps


Do you know about filing a personal injury case against a business? Personal injuries are pretty common and can happen anywhere. There are multiple kinds of personal injury cases. Many involve car accidents, but slips and falls are also common. If you fall and incur injuries on business premises, this may be due to negligence by the property owner. In such a case, a Green Bay based personal injury attorney can help you. However, you must follow a particular procedure to get compensation for your damages.

Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Case Against a Business:

1. Seek Treatment

The first step to take after incurring injuries is to seek medical assistance. You may not feel any pain or show physical signs of injury, but you still need to be examined. Some injuries take a long time to exhibit symptoms and can cause severe pain later on. What’s more? You limit your chances of getting compensation by not seeking medical treatment.

2. Consult an Attorney

You can go about filing an injury claim by yourself. But, engaging an attorney goes a long way. Some injuries involve frequent doctor’s appointments and hefty medical costs. Moreover, most companies hire the best lawyers, and seeking compensation without an attorney can be overwhelming.

A Fort Wayne personal injury lawyer will help gather evidence and offer court representation. Still, the professional will handle all the court procedures, allowing you time to recover. Negotiations are also worth mentioning. Attorneys have vast negotiation skills and will haggle with the company’s insurance firm to ensure that you get your rightful dues.

3. Determine the Incident is Coverage

If you have been injured and believe that the business owner is liable, ascertain whether the company is included to cover such a case. The property owner should have liability coverage to cover the incident. That’s not all! The case may be a bit complex if the liable person has no insurance coverage in place. But an attorney will guide you on how to go about this.

4. File a Claim

The attorney will inform the liable person in writing about your intention to file a claim. The company may opt for an out-of-court settlement and pay for the damages. If you choose to go to court, the lawyer will guide you on the steps to filing a compensation claim.

5. Evidence Gathering

To file a compensation claim in court, you need relevant evidence. Have photos from the accident scene and a few witnesses if possible. Also, maintain a proper record of all medical reports and receipts. Discuss this with your doctor and get all the details about the injuries incurred. The personal injury attorney will use this information to argue your case in court.

6. Settlement Negotiations

Personal injury negations involve a host of skills, and this is where an attorney is most critical. Remember, the company has a set of attorneys as well, and all have a rough idea of the worth of your injuries. Your attorney will help negotiate the proper settlement for your damages. Know your medical expenses and how much you’re willing to accept.

How will the Attorney Help with My Case?

Personal injury lawyers are skilled and will defend your rights after incurring injuries on business premises. The lawyer handles such cases often and has the right skills to negotiate a suitable settlement for your case. Moreover, the lawyer knows all the necessary documents required and will handle this on your behalf.

The bottom line

If you incur injuries on business premises, you can file a claim and get compensation. Hiring a lawyer in such a case will help you fight for your rights in court. They will also offer full representation allowing you time to heal from your injuries.

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