PayPal Referral Program- Earn $100 Through PayPal


PayPal has been the leading name in the game of online commerce since its inception. Many business networks for years have been using PayPal to pay their employees and follow over the Internet. There are however ways to make money on PayPal​ by following the PayPal referral program. All​ You need a PayPal and a circle of acquaintances.

Back in the day, PayPal credited you $20 for creating an account and another $20 for every referral you made to a friend or colleague. In the ensuing years, PayPal discontinued its PayPal referral program​ for reasons unknown but has brought it back in recent​ years. Perhaps, because of the intense competition and rising popularity of cryptocurrencies.

Ways to use the PayPal Referral Program

Here are some ways you can put the PayPal referral program​ for past-time use: ​

The $10 PayPal Referral

If you have a US PayPal account, you can reap the benefits of this Free $100 PayPal scheme by referring to ten people. For every referral, PayPal will pay you $10 and also to the referred person who creates an account. The referred individual, however, is required to complete an eligible transaction within a fortnight (14 days) for receiving the payment.

An eligible transaction on PayPal is an electronic checkout payment of a minimum of $100 USD which is labeled as ‘complete’ in the referred user’s account and which hasn’t been canceled, refunded, or reversed by either the service provider or the user.

How To Get A PayPal Referral Link?

You can earn money by a referral link​ that will be made available to you from PayPal. ​

This option can be put to use by anyone who has a PayPal account in good standing.
What follows are the steps to complete the aforementioned task.

1) Log in to your PayPal account.

2) Move your cursor to ‘Share an Invite’ and click on it or ‘Choose contacts’ if you are willing to reach out to a contact from your phone book.

3) If you need your PayPal Referral​ link for posting on a blog page, website, or​ message board, click on ‘Share an invite’ and select your email. Forward an email to your account and your personal PayPal referral​ link will be sent to you. ​

This is a tried and trusted method, believe me, it works every time.

Some Outlines Regarding PayPal Referral

There are some details to be kept in mind regarding the referral program and the ways by which it can be put to work to earn money.

1) The upper limit for what you can make from the PayPal Referral program is $100. ​

2) Alongside, the user you referred to PayPal should use your link to sign up and complete international payments of at least $100 within the next 45 days, starting from the day he or she signs up to PayPal.

The Absolute Stipulations Of PayPal Referral To A Friend

1) PayPal makes it unequivocally mandatory for its user to comply with the online platform for the website’s ‘Terms and Conditions of Use’ before he or she extends his PayPal Referral link over to their pages.

2) When referring your link at PayPal to a new individual, it is crucial for you to reveal to him that you’ll be receiving a middle-man commission upon signing up for PayPal and its services.

In case you fail to abide by this condition, PayPal holds the right, well within the domains of law to disqualify you from their PayPal Referral​ program for a violation of their terms. You might also miss out on any rewards or gifts​ you could have earned through their referral program.

3) In case, this happens to be your first time becoming a part of such a program, don’t forget to read guides on FTC affiliate disclosures.

4) Since PayPal has renewed its earlier Referral schemes, now is a great time for United States’ PayPal users to get paid for referrals​ and rack up a grand sum of $100​ by recommending PayPal to other users.

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Go ahead and break some eggs. Get a ​PayPal Referral​ link and ​earn​ easy money by the referral link. Forward it to your friends, family, and colleagues, and​ make sure they too get to rejoice and revel in PayPal’s new ​referral program. ​

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