Expanding Retail Business through Online Shopping


In today’s world, the word ‘Retail’ has become essential in our daily basis lives. Retail is the process of selling consumer goods or services to customers through multiple channels of distribution to earn a profit. Rather than buying from wholesalers, who deal with small dealers, retailers deal with individuals to fulfill their demands. But these days, retailers are taking an interest in an online retail shopping business.

With the actual stores, they are creating virtual stores too, to expand their business. Buyers can choose items without going to the physical stores where they can see the goods at the tip of their fingers. The online retail business helps the retailer to reach the larger buyer section than an actual store can manage to reach.

The Process of Starting an Online Retail Business:

The first question that arises while starting an online retail business, is,

1) Business Plan:

This plan includes the main three components of any basic retail business,

  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Advertising of the business

Before starting an online retail business, like an actual business, one should plan to go to the investors, so that even if you are saving for your business, the pressure of funds shouldn’t impact your ideas or creativity.

2) Online Retail Business Structure:

To build an online retail business, you need to decide on the online business structure too which is no different from basic business structures. The meaning of business structure in the commercial field is legalizing the business on paper, you take care of the legal status of your business. From having legal papers about your business to the tax liabilities, it covers all. Moreover, it helps the business owner to understand the loopholes of the online retail business, which includes the insurance policies of the assets.

The structure, which is commonly used while comprising a business idea, is:

● Sole proprietorship: where will be the sole owner of the business, there will be no restrictions or rules to limit the power of the owner as they will be liable for all the profit, loss, or debts.

● Partnership: where two or more individuals come together to build a business bound by a written legal agreement. Partnership businesses are more likely to have advantages than Sole proprietorship, as,

  1. The pressure of building a business splits
  2. A partner can always opt out of reclaiming their shares
  3. You don’t have to bear all the losses alone
  4. Profits can be divided by the number of funds one has invested

3) Deciding the Products:

To build an online retail business another step is to decide the products you are going to sell. This step is one of the basics of the online retail business structure. Here you have to make a thorough list of the products you are trying to sell, their colors, sizes, shapes, or any other features that differentiate one item from another. If you are not the manufacturer, you have to get a supplier from whom you can buy or drop shipping.

For example, if you choose to sell toys and kids products that people like to shop online for then the first step would be to get those products and upload them on your platform.

4) Getting Barcodes of the Products:

Getting the bar codes of the products is one of the most important steps when it comes to how to set up an online retail business. Every product will have a different barcode with the combination of the features the product will have.

5) Retail Strategy:

The backbone of an online retail business structure is the retail strategy, which is based on market research. Knowing the ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of today’s market, with the size and the competitors of the market, helps to grow an online retail business. To build an online retail business one must know the demands of the buyers, as they differ on the basis of where they are from, and their culture, and not forget age. Different people of different ages have different choices, for which you need to have a huge collection, and the next point derives from here.

6) Inventory:

When you want to set up an online retail business you must have a decent inventory of the products. As it is applicable to your physical store, it’s a must to have an inventory for your online retail store, so that the buyers wouldn’t be dissatisfied to find a lack of goods in stock.

7) Storage:

These days storage seems a bit easy to set up an online retail business. As most retailers have tie-ups with local stores or have their own physical stores.

Storage is one of those things that is easy to take for granted these days. In most cases, retailers have agreements with local stores so that customers can easily pick up their purchases. However, if a retailer doesn’t have a physical location, they may need to find an appropriate storage option. If you’re looking for a secure and safe storage service, Tamworth-based self-storage services are the right choice for your business.

Some things to consider when choosing a storage company include the size of the unit, the hourly rate, and the location. It’s also important to make sure that the company has a good reputation and is insured. It’s also important to keep in mind that it can take up to two weeks for a company to move your items into their storage unit.

8) Site:

Now comes the most important part of the online retail business model, the site. By choosing a domain name and the location. This includes the themes, the targeted buyers, product categories, and more to make the site attractive to the buyers’ eyes. For example, the site, Desertcart can be named as an online retail business model, if we go through their page, we will get to see the different categories, from electronic goods to fashion, from health to books. Each category has a subcategory, which helps buyers find the things they want to buy easily.

Last but not least.

9) Advertising:

Advertising always helps to grow an online retail business. From print media to social media, you need to advertise their site thoroughly. Reach every person of every age this is the most challenging process of an online business model. It helps to grow the base of your loyal customers.


10) Survey:

To maintain the business, you need to maintain the serial surveying of the buyers, the market, the competitors, and your own sites’ products. This is the foremost point of how to set up an online retail business and from there how to grow an online retail business, this is an unending process when it comes to how to run an online retail business.

To run an online retail business, you cannot just forget the basics of it. This never-ending process is the only key to maintaining success. Every point that is mentioned above is the most relevant point if one wants to know how to run an online retail business.

Impact of online trading business on retail trade business:

The boon of e-commerce is that you can look through the products whenever you need irrespective of the place or situation. Online retail models are so straightforward that one just needs a very basic Android phone to order products. But this boon has its own bane. We simply can’t overlook the impact of online trading business on retail trade business. To see how online shopping affects retail business we need to look at the market trend.

A) The loyalty of customers:

Turnover and profit margins have decreased rapidly, as customers find it easier to shop from online shopping sites nowadays. They have already decided on the brand and the price so they just put the data and get their wanted products on their phone’s screen.

B) Stock:

Though the stores keep the best stocks, they lack a variety of online shops.

C) Lower Price:

Online retail stores have much lower prices of the products as they give away discounts every now and then. Whereas, retail stores fail to do so as their products have higher prices. This is how online shopping affects retail businesses severely.

D) Retail store owners taking interest in online shopping:

Another major reason for how online shopping affects retail business is, building a site for retail stores where customers can buy products without going to the shop.

E) Window Shopping:

Customers are seen to make window-shopping at an alarmingly higher rate to have a physical look at the product and buy that product online at a reduced rate.


Undoubtedly, the impact of online shopping on the retail trade business is giant. It has managed to snatch away a major portion of customers from the retail shops. Online retail shops not only have taken a prominent role in shopping nowadays, but they have also influenced customers’ persona too. That’s how online shopping affects retail business. Though many have not adopted the culture of online shopping, the numbers are few, which pushes the retail store owners to look for only one question, how to run an online retail business.

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