How Negligence Can Create Catastrophic Falls and other injuries


Do you know about catastrophic falls? A slip or fall is more than a source of embarrassment when it happens in front of other people. It can create great bodily harm. When businesses are negligent in terms of their safety features, it can hurt employees, consumers, and anyone else in the area.

Negligence can Create Catastrophic Falls

Read on to see how negligence can create catastrophic falls and injuries.

Slippery Floors

There are some industries in which people must walk or sometimes run very quickly on the floor. So if they don’t have a secure surface to move around on, it can result in slips and falls that result in fractures, bruises, and other painful injuries.

For example, when people work in a kitchen setting, such as in the back of a restaurant or cafeteria, they’re constantly dealing with hot liquids. If any of those liquids get on the floor and aren’t cleaned up properly, it can result in a worker falling. A kitchen fall can be even more devastating if they’re handling hot food items that might spill on them as they fall.

A safety prune employer can utilize epoxy floor coating. It’s a great option for a slip-proof floor and coats almost any regular floor surface like stone, wood, cement, and vinyl. However, if employers continue to cut corners by not having the safest floor possible, falls can happen and will continue to be one of the highest workers’ compensation claims.

Repair Avoidance

When responsible parties fail to maintain or repair aspects of a building, it can result in devastating trips, falls, and even fatalities. For example, people must go up and down the stairs and need secure railings to hold on to. When stairs and railings are faulty, it’s a hotbed for somebody having a devastating fall.

The same thing can happen with elevators. Elevator shafts and cars should have regular inspections to ensure they’re always safe and won’t come crashing down without warning. If somebody is stuck in an elevator car that does crash down, they would likely die upon impact. Plus, if an elevator mistakenly opens up, but the car is not in its rightful place, someone may unknowingly step into an empty elevator shaft and fall to their death.

Poor Lighting

Humans are not bats and therefore need adequate light to see and avoid pitfalls that might make them trip and hurt themselves. That’s why businesses should always have proper lighting and supervision in areas with potential hazards. Always make sure light bulbs in every spot are working. Employers should also have security cameras or other alert systems to bring lighting issues and area blackouts to the immediate attention of those in charge.

Consequences of Bad Falls

Bad falls usually come with physical pain and suffering that may be temporary or permanent. The person may have lacerations, bruises, broken bones, or sprains. If they fall from a certain height, it can result in a concussion, paralysis, amputations, and death. Devastating injuries could result in extensive medical fees and a drastic change in life quality. The person may no longer be able to make the same income as before, especially if they now have to make a career change. Plus, if the person dies from such a fall, it will affect their family beyond the grieving process. If the deceased is a head of household, it can have financial consequences for the loved ones left behind.

If you or someone you love is a victim of a devastating slip or fall, you can get compensation. To make sure you get the justice you deserve, you’ll need the right legal team on your side. Call the team at Berry Law for more information.

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