What you didn’t know about Moving to the Cloud: not so obvious facts!


Over the years, cloud computing has quickly become one of the most comprehensive and important technologies for businesses. There are some great cloud technologies these days that can be very valuable for any company. At the same time, there are plenty of misconceptions too, especially when we talk about cloud as a whole.

A version of the cloud has been available since the 90s

Yes, one of the first companies that started using the cloud was ADP Payroll Services. They were automating the process of cutting checks and that was done using a very early version of the cloud. It’s one of the things that kickstarted it all and made it into what we know today as the cloud.

Cloud adoption was increased to 95% due to the pandemic

The pandemic shifted a lot of things in the business world, and it truly managed to make things stand out. What really works great for businesses is they were forced to use online solutions more due to the pandemic, yet it also helped them see the benefits of cloud solutions and computing as a whole.

Cloud infrastructure services are some of the fastest growing cloud services

These services have seen over 40% in growth, a true testament of how important they are for companies. Having a good cloud infrastructure can help improve and even automate a lot of tasks, all of which help businesses save money and time as well.

Exposing social problems

One of the lesser-known things about the cloud is that it’s doing a very good job at exposing social problems. Many companies that study these phenomena are harnessing the power of the cloud to access all this information, while also enhancing the efficiency of the results.

Amazon’s cloud market share is 33%

Amazon’s cloud market has evolved immensely over the years, and nowadays they are the dominant IaaS cloud provider. They have a market share of 33%, which is a lot more than you might expect. It goes to show the true power of the cloud and how much efficiency it brings to the table.

Unexpected cloud services are the fastest growing

Right now, the fastest growing cloud services are artificial intelligence, internet of things and container as a service. All of them are growing at a very fast pace, and that will continue to evolve in the years to come.

A new cloud server is added very quickly

What’s very interesting is that for each 120 tablets or around 600 smartphones in use, a new server is added. That means it’s imperative to understand the need for these services and how crucial they have become at this time for the society.

Implementing new cloud servers is very important, and you can see that the cloud has a crucial role to play in our society. Understanding that and addressing all the numerous challenges is what sets cloud systems apart. It’s an amazing opportunity, and something that can deliver exceptional results in the long term!

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