5 Major Questions About Mountain Gorilla & Safari Tours


When planning a safari, it can be difficult to know where to start. Many people like to book group tours with other travelers to experience the safari while they enjoy each other’s company. In this blog post, we will discuss five of the most common questions about Uganda gorilla tours and safaris in general.

Gorilla Safari Tour- An Introduction

Uganda gorilla tours are a great way to learn about gorillas and their habitats. You’ll spend several hours hiking through the forest, with the help of a professional guide who will point out all the different types of animals you might see. Some tours also include a hot meal and an opportunity to interact with the gorillas.

Why Uganda for Mountain Gorillas?

There are several reasons why Uganda is a great place to visit if you want to see mountain gorillas. First, the country has a long history of conservation efforts that have helped protect these endangered primates. Additionally, Uganda has a wide variety of habitats that support the gorillas and other wildlife, making it an ideal destination for travel aficionados who want to see all types of wildlife in one location. Finally, the country’s staff is very knowledgeable about mountain gorilla behavior and ecology, which makes tours with them a truly unique experience.

Are Mountain Gorillas Endangered?

Mountain gorillas are critically endangered and their population has decreased by over 60% since the 1970s. This is largely due to poaching, habitat destruction, and disease. The mountain gorilla is now listed as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. There are only around 1000 remaining in the wild, with an estimated population of just over 900 individuals.

Tour operators promote safaris to see these primates in their natural habitat but many conservationists argue that there is no need to visit Congo when other areas of Africa offer similar experiences without harming the animals. The Congolese government has made efforts to protect the mountain gorillas but much more needs to be done if they are to survive.

Questions To Ask

What is the Tour Level?

The base tour level for mountain gorillas is the Discover Level, which allows visitors to see a maximum of four groups of gorillas. For gorilla tracking tours, the minimum tour level required is the Professional Level, which allows visitors to see a maximum of eight groups of gorillas and engage in more comprehensive tracking activities.

What are the main activities that can be done on a mountain gorilla tour?

Mountain gorilla tours offer visitors a variety of opportunities to interact with these critically endangered animals. These include viewing groups in their natural habitat, tracking them through the forest, and even getting within feet of them. Some popular activities include learning about their lives, eating habits, and social habits.

How long does it take to visit a group of mountain gorillas?

On most tours, it takes around two hours to reach a group of gorillas and spend an hour or two observing them. Depending on the location and time of year, some groups may be more active than others, so it’s important to check ahead before booking your trip.

Do I need any special gear or clothing to visit a group of mountain gorillas?

Most people visiting mountain gorillas don’t need anything special except for rain protection if it looks like it might rain during their visit. Many people choose to wear hats and sturdy hiking shoes when visiting these animals as they are often quite active!


As someone who loves adventure and exploration, I couldn’t be more excited about mountain gorilla & safari tours. A tour of this magnitude provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn more about these majestic animals and their natural habitats. With such a rich history and backdrop, I think it’s safe to say that mountain gorilla & safari tours are here to stay for years to come. So if you’re ever feeling adventurous and want to experience something truly unique, consider signing up for a tour. Who knows? You might just fall in love with the experience!

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