Check Out The Most Interesting Online Bike Racing Games Out There


Racing has always been a popular genre among kids and adults and one of the most thrilling and adventurous genres. Online bike racing games have been one of the most hyped-about and loved genres that have been developed by gaming developers and have been accepted by people with outstretched arms.

Be it, girls or boys, bike racing is a favorite genre of most gaming lovers. From street racing to racing in a sloppy mountain range, bike racing gives you a surge of dopamine and an adrenaline rush. Moreover, online bike racing is the best way to satisfy the rider in you and slay the road-style downtown funk!

The App Store and Play Store are filled with several bike games that are enough to take you on a thrilling journey to the road of nirvana. Here are the top-rated online bike racing games similarly exciting as Madalin Stunt Cars 3 that will take you on an exciting road trip to make your journey easier.   

Top Rated Online Bike Racing Games 

Bike Racing by MPL

Can you name one person who dislikes bike racing and thrilling adventures? You might have no answer to this, and that’s why online Bike Racing by MPL has become the quintessential part of people’s lives. From dodging difficult hurdles and keeping a check on the gas level, giving a tough competition to your opponent and reaching the finish line, and winning the game, bike racing by MPL provides the kind of excitement that one needs while playing a racing game. With exhilarating circumstances hair-raising hurdles, and the best graphics, MPL infuses the correct dose of excitement that you need to relax after a tiring day.

Moreover, apart from having the best time of your life, you can also win exciting cash prizes and other rewards to feed your biker soul and have a gala time. With weekly and monthly tournaments, you have a greater chance of optimizing your winning streak record and staying on the top of the leaderboard. Download the Bike racing game by MPL and have the best time of your life.

Highway Rider

Highways and riders are inseparable, and the Highway Rider game gives the best vibes to satisfy your adventurous soul. Imagine the unending highways and the cloud-covered mountains at a greater distance, what bliss it will be to ride while the sun sets in and you are on a ride to discover the best things about nature. The game has a blissful graphic that gives you the best highway view and is perfect for every biker who goes to the highway every evening for a lovely time. With straightforward gameplay a smoother interface, and brilliant audio and video features, the game offers the utmost excitement and thrill for speed lovers. Moreover, this game is available on all devices for free.

The game has built-in challenges, and things get spiced up with a police officer following you in the Fugitive mode. In addition, you can customize your accessories, bike, and other necessary equipment from the store and have a customized and life-like experience. 

Dirt Bike

One of the best online bike racing games, Dirt Bike, will take you on a crazy ride on a dirt bike track with an adventure of slides and slips. The game is filled with rocks and plenty of other obstacles that you have to dodge to get to the finish line. The most thrilling part is that you have to drive your beautiful two-wheeler on a dirty track with utmost attention and patience, or you might have a dreadful time getting your bike soiled. 

The game comes with four different city highways, and you can unlock different tracks by playing several levels. One of the most interesting parts of the game that spices things up is the timer you have to check on. A highly addictive and exhilarating game, Dirty Bike is bound to give you the enjoyment that you must be looking for. 

3D Moto Simulator 2

It is a fast-paced motorbike racing game made especially for speed lovers who love to talk to the clouds and have a gush of wind blowing on their faces. You have to drive your awesome motorbike on different roads and locations: hilly routes, mountains, cities, and deserts. 

Additionally, you get to enjoy your time on empty roads and unending long highways and enjoy your time on a long drive. Moreover, you will be chased by three fast bikers and a police biker with a screeching siren that will keep you on the edges. The game also offers you three maps to explore several locations. 

Neon Biker

An irresistible speed game made especially for riders, Neon Biker, is an addictive game known for the action-packed gaming experience that the game provides. With wild stunts and crazy bike performances, you can have a spirited experience. The fun starts with the never-ending road and smooth gameplay and obstacles that add to the fascinating gaming experience. 

You can perform smoother flips, choose different vehicles, and have a fantastic experience while dodging obstacles. There are forty different levels, and you can unlock different features with every new level. 

Moto Racing

Moto Racing is a super exciting game that allows you to ride in different settings like nature’s lap, barren lands, empty city roads, lesser-traveled forests, deserts, and crowded cities. Moreover, you can choose the kind of bike you want to ride, roam different locations, and explore several places while having a pleasant time with your two-wheeler friend. 

The game presents a smoother interface, and you can adjust the motor only by tapping on the screen and controlling the directions of your bike by swapping your device. You can explore the outskirts of cities and small towns and witness the finest graphical representation. You have a plethora of models to choose from.


With a plethora of online bike racing games & due to their rising popularity, it’s tough for speed lovers to choose the best game from several options. The games mentioned above are the best options for an exciting time on your mobile after a hectic day. Find the best game to satisfy the biker inside you with powerful stunts, exhilarating situations, and exciting levels. Happy playing and riding!

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