What will the Most Important SEO Factors in 2020?


Google has completely changed the ranking game of the websites with its algorithm. Every year Google introduces a new algorithm that gets even more complex each year. If one gets an idea of how to work with Google’s ranking algorithm, it can be the number one factor of your online success.

Before we understand the importance of search engine optimization for a better ranking, one thing to remember is that you must have a well-optimized site. Why? because a well-optimized and responsive web design gets more traffic, and thus has a higher conversion rate. However, even after having a highly functional site, one can fail to reach the top and all your hard work will be for nothing. If you don’t want to end up in the lost pages of Google, follow these essential SEO ranking factors to rank higher in searches and help make your website well-optimized for your business growth.

Before we go any further let us see what SEO truly means. What is SEO exactly?

Google ranking can be quite confusing for people and with so much jargon, it is easy to know why it can get puzzling. Let’s understand the basics of SEO:

SEO Ranking- SEO helps in making web pages better for search engine ranking. Even though it is easy to understand what SEO does, the process behind has a few steps.

Basically, SEO ranks a website with the use of content and its position on search engine results. Another factor that SEO in Brampton works on is the use of keywords, it is when people search for a term in accordance with your industry.

How Google’s search ranking works- Google bases your ranking on keywords, as discussed above. When someone wants information they type words for the product or the service they want. But ranking isn’t limited to keywords, it depends on the quality of the information provided on the website.

  • The 3 factors that Google considers for search quality ranking are:
  • The amount of content and its quality (Content should be well-written).
  • The reputation of the website and the information on it.
  • The purpose behind the website and authority.

What is an On-page SEO and Off-page SEO?

On-page SEO is to optimize the different parts of your website, you can have more control over this as you can change or optimize your website to make it better.

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This includes:

  • Title Tags- The keyword you want to target must be used in the title tag of each page on the site.
  • Headings (H1)- These are given a tad more important than the other content. You can use the target keywords on the headings to make sure you reflect the information.
  • Fast-loading pages- Optimizing the pages of your site can help achieve a higher rank and help in providing the best user experience as well.
  • Internal Linking- Internal linking can be useful for the website as it helps surf the site easily and get to the place where they want.

Off-page SEO mainly focuses on the work outside of your website. This is another important element of SEO as it builds the authority and the trustworthiness of your site. One of the most important steps for Off-page SEO is good quality backlinks. You can do this by:

  • Creating amazing content that benefits customers.
  • As social media is a popular way of connecting with potential customers, it’s best if you
  • Share the content on your social media profiles too.
  • An E-mail blast is another way you can reach your audience.
  • Choosing a reliable guest posting service can help in passing authority signals to Google

Monitor your Website’s Search Engine Rankings

The first thing to do is to check your website’s rank. It is important that you search for the terms according to your customers.

Now Let’s See Google Ranking Factors for 2020:

Mobile Friendliness- After Google announced mobile-optimized sites higher than one that isn’t, it is important that the website is mobile-friendly. This helps in easy access to your sites on mobile devices, so it’s a win-win for every party.

Optimized Content- One thing you must remember is that content is still the king. This is the most important factor in Google ranking. While content is essential, one thing to keep in mind is that quality is always better than quantity.

User Experience- This may sound redundant but it isn’t so, as Google’s algorithm advances each year. Although it can be hard to measure the effect of UX, this varies according to industry and demographics.

All the continuous changes in the algorithm can be overwhelming so an SEO consulting company can help you provide the best SEO services for your website to rank at the top.

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