Most Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs


Do you know about the most common logo design mistakes that you should avoid at any cost? Designing a logo seems to be a pretty simple task; however, it involves a lot of brainstorming and hard work. You have to let your imagination run wild and discover new avenues to add a connection with the viewers. With each industry comes new ways to explore the possibilities and sketch a compelling piece of artwork that can let the company stand out from the clutters.

The digital market is currently fuming with a great deal of competition coming from all directions. In such a time of cut-throat competition, the designers offering logo design companies in Dubai are all struggling to come up with innovations in each and every design. However, some designers make hideous mistakes that spoil their artwork and influence their brands in a negative way.These mistakes need to be avoided at any cost if you want your logo to rule over the internet. You can also try apple logo designer apps.

How to Avoid Logo Design Mistakes

Take a look at the many mistakes that designers unintentionally create.

Logo With No Definite Goal

Despite getting advice about creating a strategy, there are many designers who produce logos having no proper strategy in mind. They are confused and so are their designs as to what goal they are serving. A logo is either created to increase sales or to deliver the brand’s message if your logo seems somewhere hanging in the middle how come you can predict a success?

Logo Having No Timelessness

Some companies prefer their logos based on the very trendy features that are still being but in the industry. That’s so wrong because your logo should not be a slave to a particular color or trend. Trends come and go but logos should stay for longer. You’re company logo if created cannot be completely changed. You can alter some of its features but you cannot entirely change it as that reflects poor professionalism.

Logos Created By Following No Intuitive Process

Sometimes designers create logos just by getting inspiration by looking at the very first sample they see. If you plan on getting ideas you can get more than three hundred different possibilities to create your logo. Now which one to select is based on the phenomena to judge the meanings and purpose each element can create? You have to ponder on the market and the needs of your customers, after analyzing the important areas you then have to sit to gather many ideas for creating your logo. That’s the kind of creative process that forms the basis of a successful logo design.

Don’t Be A Victim Of The Hype

It’s good to seek inspiration but it’s completely wrong to follow the herd. Check out the example below. Designer James Edmonson pointed out the biggest similarity between the logos of the big names.

Be careful not to do exactly what others are doing or else you will be treated as a second. You need to build your own identity and form the basis of your business in a unique manner.

Inappropriate Use Of Negative Spaces

The second major issue is the inappropriate use of negative spaces. Most designers create some serious flaws when making use of their negative spaces. Sometimes the design aesthetics automatically creates weird patterns or shapes with unacceptable meanings through the design elements. You need to be careful with that ask the designer offering logo design company Dubai about each element. You must know the purpose of each element as to what that line under the name is showing or the color is reflecting.

Inflexible Logo

It’s imperative to design a flexible logo for your company. It is the time when companies have to make use of every platform and operate in different mediums. Your logo is the most important branding asset, the face of your company needs to be able to operate in all such mediums. It should be able to stay attractive and appealing. One of the most successful examples of a flexible logo is the logo of Apple Inc. The simple Apple logo is able to function appropriately across every channel and platform.


Follow these tips and try to refrain from creating a not-so-attractive logo. You need to avoid these common logo design mistakes. If you want to start your logo design business you should read this article too.

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