Modern Education System vs Traditional Education System


Modern Education System vs. Traditional Education System guide is made to help you understand everything.

Change is the only thing that is constant. There have been numerous changes happening in the world and that too at a rapid pace. Look at this pandemic for instance.

In the coming years, the year 2020 and COVID-19 will be a major area of study and will take up a decent part of the textbooks.

The education sector and syllabus need continuous improvement and development. 60 years ago, people wouldn’t have even thought about computers and mobile phones but look where we are now.

Education itself is impossible without computers and mobile phones at this point. Modern education is completely reliant on the Internet and computers for education.

Whereas, traditional education is the primitive form of education that has been followed in schools and other educational institutions.

Take a look at the Modern Education System vs. Traditional Education System and its Advantages.

Modern Education System

Modern education is predominantly online. Online classes have become an integral part of a student’s life. It favors students and teachers and has a lot of advantages. Let us take a look at the advantages of modern education:

1. Students can learn whatever they want

Quite often, students are stuck with the generalized method of education and cannot choose what they want to learn, with modern education, they can choose what they want.

In addition to this, everything that students require is available online. There are E-learning resources and a huge repository of study materials.

With online teaching apps like Teachmint, study material sharing has become simple and effective. When teachers choose such online teaching platforms to teach, the students also benefit from it.

2. Zero geographical restrictions

Students and teachers can be poles apart and yet can connect over video calls and meetings through online teaching apps to teach and learn. This is a great advantage of the modern education system.

3. Affordability

The modern education system is cost-effective. Students can learn while they are at home. There are no extra expenses involved like that of travel and accommodation etc.

4. Convenience

Students can learn at their own pace and at their own time. This allows them to be self-sufficient and self-disciplined.

5. Timely Feedback

Feedback is instant and quick in modern education. With online teaching apps like Teachmint, the evaluation of tests and assignments has become quick and easy.

The students can track their progress and comprehend their level of understanding easily. The student can just draft a mail in case of doubts and queries.

Traditional Education System

The traditional education system and traditional teaching style are highly teacher-centered. The teacher is an authoritative figure and the students have less or no participation in the classroom except when they are asked to recite a lesson or a potion.

In the traditional education system, more often than not, the students go to the place of learning, i.e., schools, or other educational institutions at a fixed time. It does not place much focus on digital aspects.

Advantages of the Traditional Education System


The students will be given a specific time and schedule. This will bring in a necessary sense of discipline and punctuality in students.

There are proper routines and planning. Having said that, this does not mean that modern education is chaotic.

Social Skills:

One of the major advantages of traditional education is that students get to interact and mingle with people a lot in comparison to modern education.

This helps in increasing social skills and helps students to overcome their fears.

Activities and sports:

If there is one thing that online education cannot give is physical activity. In traditional education, sports, physical activities, and extracurricular activities are a part of the education and this gives the students an opportunity to showcase their hidden talent to others and to be active. This helps them recognize their talent and to break the monotony.


Both the modern education system and the traditional education system have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Teachers have to take the good things from both and create an intermix strategy to ensure that teaching is effective and efficient.

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of society. It has to inspire change and thoughts.

The modern education system definitely urges children to not give up and is an example that amidst everything and all difficulties, there will always be a way to get things done.

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