The Major Advantages of Using Renewable Energy


In recent years, climate change has been a hot topic of conversation, with most people thinking about energy usage. Electricity, gas, oil, and coal are the most well-known forms of energy.

The problem with those is their harmfulness to the environment. They release greenhouse gases that are harmful to the environment and harmful to us. So what other forms of energy are there?

Enter renewable energy. It’s a “new” form of energy that is supplied by the natural resources around us. With a society built around fossil fuels, it’s hard to imagine alternative energy sources. Best of all, they are harmless to us.

If you are thinking about making a change in the way you use energy, read more to find out why renewable energy resources are the way to go.

What Exactly Is Renewable Energy?

In layman’s terms, green energy, as it’s sometimes called, is cost-efficient energy supplied by our environment. Because the power comes from natural resources, it is harmless.

Nonrenewable energy sources such as gas, electricity, coal, and oil have been staples in our lives for many years. However, the continuous production and use of these sources have been harmful to the environment. That’s why there is such a surge in the need to use cleaner energy.

There are a few different types: solar power, hydroelectricity, geothermal, biomass, and wind power. These would be the best renewable energy sources used, and each comes with its own benefit.

Solar Power

As the name says, solar power comes from the sun. Photovoltaic systems use solar panels to trap the solar cells released from the sun and convert them into usable energy.

Most homes use an AC power supply to power the things we use in our homes, like microwaves, kettles, and coffee machines. Solar panels rely on a DC power supply. A power converter is installed in your home to ensure the sun’s energy converts and is available for use.

It’s important to figure out if your house is compatible with the technology this solution needs. Homeowners living around America’s Finest City are calling professionals to check their solar feasibility in San Diego so they can make the change more confidently. Ensuring your home can accept solar power will provide peace of mind knowing you made such a sustainable choice.

The sun doesn’t shine all the time. There are instances like rainy or cloudy days where the sun doesn’t shine. However, this doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the solar panels.

Solar providers near me provide information and use intuitive technology to ensure that your solar energy switch is as simple as possible.


At the moment, hydroelectric power is the second-largest clean energy source in the world. China, the U.S., Brazil, and Canada are the leaders in its production. The use of hydropower dates back centuries when people used water currents from rivers and harnessed power from them to create electrical currents.

Hydroelectric power plants are built near sources of water. When the water comes through the plant, the rushing water’s force rotates turbines and creates electricity.

The reservoirs at these plants collect rainwater and excess overflow that can act as a second defense line against floods and droughts. Hydroelectricity is also a source that will be around for years to come because plants consider the future. As technology advances, so will the capacity for advancements in hydroelectric power.


Geothermal energy is another renewable energy source. It relies on internal heat from the earth to generate electricity. Like hydroelectricity, it’s been around for centuries, and people have used it for cooking and heating their homes.

Systems are created below the surface of the Earth. Geothermal heat pumps can create electricity by harnessing the heat from the Earth. Depending on the season, the pumps can change the needed temperature according to the season.


Biomass is another organic form of energy. It includes biofuels such as biodiesel and ethanol. It also includes using wood, farm, animal wastes, and plants to create energy.

These materials get broken down through thermal conversion and then converted into energy. It may not be as well known as the other energy sources on this list, but it is used for the same things.

Wind Power

The leading clean energy source is wind. Pirates have been using wind to guide their ships way before the creation of motorized boats.

The wind is as natural as the air we breathe. Wind turbines are set up worldwide, capturing the gusts and turning them into energy.

The energy provided also comes at a low cost because no fuel is needed to continue running the turbine. With its efficiency, wind power that’s generated continues to lower prices for those who use this type of energy.

Why Go Green?

When it comes down to it, we all want our cost of living to go down. Looking at the monthly electric and gas bills can drive you up the wall. You start to think about that time that you left that light on too long or forgot to turn off the heating overnight.

Because you were using nonrenewable energy sources, like gas and electricity, your bills became exponentially higher. Using cleaner energy can help you cut down on costs and leave more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Using clean energy doesn’t just apply to homeowners. Business owners can also benefit from using a renewable energy source.

How? Here are a few ways that clean energy will boost your company’s reputation:

  • By using renewable energy, you create conversations around your business. Having other businesses know that you’re environmentally friendly is a huge boost for your brand.
  • You won’t be stuck waiting for the repairman. If the gas and electricity for your business are faulty, that means that you won’t be able to help your customers. Switching to renewable energy eliminates the need for the middleman because it’s always available.
  • Jobs are created due to your switch to using clean energy. These resources require more people to maintain because of the demand for that specific type of energy.
  • For most companies, creating camaraderie with the community is essential for long-term success. What better way to foster a relationship than by announcing your commitment to reducing dirty energy usage.
  • Emissions aren’t made by using clean energy.
  • You’ll be able to keep up with your competitors who may have made the switch as well.

Have you ever been driving somewhere and seen one of those huge reactors producing a lot of smoke? Every business doesn’t produce that much emission into the atmosphere but should be trying to avoid it. That’s why switching your energy source is important in the long run.

Are There Any Cons?

Most things that we do in life have some consequence attached to them. Using different kinds of energy sources is no different.

If you think about it, they will be pretty self-explanatory depending on the nature of the energy source that you’re using. However, you’ll be glad to know that there is minimal risk involved with making the switch to renewable energy sources.

Here are some small cons:

  • Solar power is a product of sunlight. If there’s no sun, then there will be minimal energy production. Depending on the season, the level of your energy production can be affected too. (UV rays still shine through to solar panels on cloudy days)
  • Biomass energy can affect crop production on farms because it uses some of the plants. Because farmers rely on their crops to make money, using products to produce energy may not be a great idea for them.
  • Wind turbines create electricity from the wind causing them to turn. Without any breeze, the turbines won’t rotate. Turbines may also be dangerous to wildlife because of their large size, but innovations are being made to address that problem.
  • Dams produce hydroelectricity. Because dams need to be built by large bodies of water, they may disrupt some environmental life.
  • Geothermal energy may be the most available to use, but it does come with a cost. The wells that are used to maintain the pumps need a decent amount of land to install the system.

Although these are some cons, they are greatly outweighed by the pros.

A Better Way of Life

Making the switch to renewable energy will be beneficial to you, your family, or your business. It’s a new revolution that’s paving the way for people to create a sustainable environment to live in.

More jobs are being created, people have more money to spend, and their quality of life increases because of a simple switch. It makes sense to be a part of something that will benefit you and future generations.

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