Top Tips for Effective Maintenance of RO Water Purifier


Do you know about the maintenance of RO water purifiers? More and more people opt for RO services since they help purify unfiltered water by eliminating contaminants. This is a modern filtering technique where the user deionized the previously unfiltered water, forcing it through a semi-permeable or permeable membrane under pressure.

If you are a first-timer, you must realize that large contagions or molecules are sieved in this process. You will eventually see the water flowing from the more concentrated side to the less concentrated side- to provide unpolluted and sterilized drinking water.

RO filters and membranes have a key role to play in purifying your water- which is why you need to consider their timely replacement. In layman’s language, you should ideally optimize the efficiency of your RO unit by calling for a water purifier service.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some useful tips that can help you maintain your RO system for effective and long-lasting operation.

Maintenance of RO Water Purifier

1. Read and follow the User Manual

The best way to maintain your RO unit is to go by the guidelines given in the user manual during purchase. This will essentially allow you to keep your water purifier perfectly functioning and without any need to call RO service. In addition, you would do well by going through the detailed manuals provided by the seller- they contain all the details about the water purifier, starting from installation instructions, the purifier’s working, parts, and maintenance tips.

Furthermore, it will also help you with comprehensive information on typical issues, solutions, and the necessary filter and cartridge replacement schedule. This is why you shouldn’t chuck the user manual into the waste bin after unpacking the RO unit post-purchase.

2. Change RO Filters as Per Maintenance Schedule

If you are a first-timer, you must realize that the regular replacement of filters and membranes is crucial for keeping your RO water purifier fit and functioning. Ideally, you can set up the replacement schedule for the filters and membranes in your RO unit by referring to the user handbook.

All RO units are developed with divided phases that are described in detail in the user handbooks. Hence referring to the handbooks will essentially help you to time the maintenance schedules.

Primary Reason for Changing Filters and Membranes

You must call in a professional water purifier service or take up the responsibility yourself to update the filters and membranes routinely in your RO unit. This will help you to eliminate the pollutants that settle on the filter surface. But, unfortunately, they eventually clog the filters over time, thereby lowering the filtration capacity in the device.

You must consider calling in professional help if your water filtering unit takes unnecessarily long to fill the storage tank. A certified water purifier service team will evaluate the filters and membrane inside your device for repair or even replacement. Ignoring this could result in the water carrying the impurities into your health.

3. Cleaning and Sanitisation

Considering that you are a first-timer, you must essentially realize that cleaning the interior RO system pipes is also necessary to maintain the RO system. This is essential since the water moves from one purification stage to the next through these connecting pipes inside the RO system. Hence if you can’t do it yourself, call an RO service expert to look into the filters to keep the pipes clean.

Then again, you could face potential microbial contamination in your water supply if it is held for an extended time. Finally, you may identify the issue with your water by spotting bad odor and taste in the plumbing. This is when you must resort to emptying and refilling the water storage tank regularly.

This is essentially why you must turn off the water purifier and vacate the storage tank when leaving the house. Additionally, it is only convenient to call for an RO service team since the tank sanitization and cleaning could require some assembly and disassembly.

4. Check for Leakages

If you encounter any drips or leaks on your RO unit, you should call for a qualified water purifier service expert. Allowing the situation to escalate may result in the leaks causing catastrophic harm to your water filtering device. Furthermore, you also lose water unnecessarily due to the ongoing leaks and drops.

You may have a handful of reasons for the drips and leaks in your water purifier. They may ideally include broken or improper pipes, as well as internal malfunctioning. Having a professional water purifier evaluate the water purifier will help you arrest the source of the leak and stop it from causing further harm.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that any RO purifier will last longer if it gets regular maintenance – resulting in the device giving you clean and safe drinking water for consumption. Therefore, it would be best not to compromise your family’s health by effectively ignoring the RO device maintenance.

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