How is the Lyf Water 8 Mobile? Let’s Catch It


Mobile is a thing that has become an important part of everyone life. There is no doubt that you getting the best facilities and that also very fast. It has the work very easier and also very comfortable. The thing that is important to know is that as there are numerous mobile and models that are coming in the market then which one will be right kind of mobile as it has been observed that In the early years the mobile was not having numerous of functions and the capacity of storing the data but today there are numerous variables that you are having in the around in market that is very much providing the different, useful facilities.

Today you need to have the mobile that has all the facilities in which you are able to store important data, games, music, movies, photos and many other things that can be stored easily. The companies like Sony, Videocon, Reliance, Samsung, Lava, X mobile and many other companies are making the better option so that their product can be used by the people. One of the best models that you have in the market and is also getting the popularity is the Lyf water 8 mobile and it is the product of the company that is reliance. You are having something unique and also a very different model from all the other available products in the market. Here in this article, you are going to have the complete Lyf water 8 reviews.

Display: The very first thing that we will talk about is the display and in this display, you are getting the screen that is of 5 inches and the screen is very clear and this is the touchscreen model that is very easy to use. The screen you are having in this model is very much HD. You can easily go for Flipkart coupons and save some money.

Processor: inside this model, you are having a 1.5GHz processor.

Cameras: You are having two cameras in this model the front camera and the rear camera. The front camera that you are having in this is 5 -megapixel which is very much suitable to shoot the video or the selfie very clearly. The second camera that is the rear camera which is on the back side is 13-megapixels.

The resolution that is 720×1280 pixels with great capacity inside that is RAM of 3GB and OF Android 5.1.1

Storage: it is very much the important thing that is the storage and in this, the experts have kept all the things in mind during making this model and have given the storage capacity that is very much of 16GB

Battery capacity: Another very important thing that is the most important part of the mobile because without the battery you are nothing having in your hands. You are having the best battery backup in this model and for that, you are getting the battery that is 2600mAh.

This model is having the facilities that are not found in any other mobile and you are having the option of memory card that you can have the vast storage capacity. Due to the RAM that also of 3GB makes the mobile to have the fast working in which you are able to run the internet very fast with this model that is Lyf water 8. The phone is very smooth, slim and also very good looking and in this, you are getting the 3 colors available on the market and that are black, blue and red. If you but this mobile on the internet from any website that you are having the discount voucher that will surely let you have the discount on this product.


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