How does the Linear Attribution Model Calculate Credit?


You must be looking for the answer to the question: how does the linear attribution model calculate credit? No need to worry, here we will tell you about the Linear attribution model and how it calculates credit.

Your marketing strategy can be enhanced with this model as it is a multi-touch attribution model which is responsible for dividing the credit equally to each interaction or touch point during the customer journey.

What is a Linear Attribution Model?

A Linear Attribution Model is a type of marketing attribution model used to distribute credit for a conversion or a sale across all touchpoints in a customer’s journey equally. Unlike other attribution models that may give more weight to specific touchpoints, the linear model assigns equal importance to each touchpoint the customer interacted with before converting.

Key characteristics of a Linear Attribution Model include Equal Weighting, Simplicity & Fairness.

How does the Linear Attribution Model Calculate Credit?

If we have to choose from the 4 points below, we will choose the right answer that is number 2.

  1. More credit is given to interactions that happen closer in time to the conversion.
  2. Equal credit is assigned to all interactions that occurred before the conversion.
  3. All credit is assigned to the last interaction that led to a conversion like a closed won deal.
  4. 5% of credit to the first interaction, the interaction that created the contact, the interaction that created the deal, and to the interaction that closed the deal. The final 10% is assigned to the remaining interactions evenly.

The 2nd number is the right answer to this question.

A linear attribution model has its merits, it may not capture the nuances of customer behavior where certain touchpoints have a more significant impact than others.

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