The Latest Video Animation Trends to Watch Out For


Video animation has emerged as center of attention for various industries. Though video animation was initially popular in the entertainment niche, but today, video animation has been adapted by businesses. Interestingly, video animation comes into handy for marketing, advertisement, and delivering superior customer experiences. Having said, it would not be wrong to say that nearly every business can leverage the power of video animation to engage audience, reaping more sales and conversions.

Today, in this article, we are going to reveal the latest trends in video animation that every business should know about. Also, you can learn about the interesting animation rules that are meant to be broken. Read along to discover everything:

Motion Graphic & Augmented Reality AR

Motion graphic videos have taken the video industry by storm. Various designers and animators utilize different software for developing great motion graphics, showing a character or object moving. This type of graphic makes use of different sorts of imagery including the human and cartoon characters. Also, it utilizes vivid colors, making a motion graphic appealing and informative at the same time.

Moreover, Augmented Reality has come into the spotlight for some time now. Various marketers have adapted AR. However, the technology needs expert level skills and heft investments, making itself feasible for large-scaled organizations only. Both AR and Virtual Reality (VR) are capable to engage customers into marketing campaigns. Such technologies provide businesses with an opportunity that none wants to ignore.

2D CGI & Whiteboard Animation

The 2D CGI has captured attention of fanatics around the world. On top, 2D animation follows a unique style, enabling the designers to develop through it and customize a seamless. On another hand, Pixar introduced the 3D CGI in 90s. Many animation studios have adapted it, making it appear repetitive in many cases. Therefore, marketing companies can utilize the 2D animation for promotional activities, providing distinct features to their creation.

Whiteboard animation has been utilized for a long time for promotional purposes. The animation category has now become old, and nearly every explainer video service has utilized this type. However, whiteboard animation will still be seen in the upcoming days due to seamless features and easy to use tools. In addition, whiteboard animation serves as a great tool to create explainer videos. The trend is believed to continue.

Retro Look & Animated Visuals

Interestingly, the retro looking animation has started to trend in the video industry. The retro look video animation leaves a lasting impression on the viewers’ mind. It serves as a great resource for spreading a brand’s message. This type of video animation has benefitted various businesses and designing agencies. A business should remember that an animation must convey message to the audience. Moreover, animated series is on upsurge in the video industry.

Animated videos series is often utilized for advertisements. A large number of businesses including the Starbuck have developer animated series for business promotion activities. In case, an animated series is found to be interesting, it creates a viewers’ base, who tend to watch every episode and series. In this way, a brand builds a lasting relationship with customers.

YouTube & Cel Animation

Today, it is not suitable to place a promotional video on YouTube only, as its algorithm is continuously changing. Uploading a video on YouTube solely can make you lose the traffic. It could bring wrath on your current traffic, thus you should post videos on multiple channels, ensuring you receive the most of the traffic.

Just like 2D animation, Cel animation makes use of handmade illustrations on transparent plastic sheets known as “Cels”. The cels need to be placed in correct order. When these cels are played in sequence of about twelve to twenty four frames, they make illusion of movement. This type of video animation is often utilized in cartoons that are desirable subject for online marketers. These animation are attention capturing and impactful for customers, reminding them about the media they had watched in childhood.

Animation industry is going through various transformation and is under development. With the fresh technologies emerging rapidly, business are looking for ways to incorporate them into their marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competitors. A key to become successful through video animation is that adapt a technique before it becomes mainstream.

Final Words

We have revealed the leading video animation trends to look out for in the upcoming days. Though many trends are on-going, but still they are believed to continue in the near future. If you know about more video animation trends, then feel free to mention them.


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