Top 5 Landing Page Software Builders for 2021


Landing page software becomes a part of a successful digital marketing campaign because it gives access to a result-oriented landing page. That being said, it also assists in gathering information related to your products or services. In this regard, it’s worth considering the landing page generator that can provide simplification in creating the landing page.

Landing page builder software proves to be essential for any marketer looking to acquire leads. Such tools ensure the rapid creation of custom landing pages with forms, images, and funnels.

You can create and publish landing pages without needing a developer to code. You can also get conversion intelligence insights with landing page software while enhancing your intuition and skills to ensure the best campaign performance every time. Following a good SEO Strategy you can optimize those landing pages to boost the conversation rate.

In 2021, you can get quality landing page software, all of which are helping organizations steer their marketing campaigns. Additionally, they also assist in capturing leads by spreading awareness to the targeted audiences.

In this blog, you will discover the best landing page builders in 2021.

HubSpot Marketing

This is the all-in-one inbound marketing platform that can ensure giving you the cloud-based approach and landing page software for bringing the marketing efforts together. HubSpot revelations mention that by switching to mobile smart forms, they could finally decrease the bounce rate on each landing page tested by an average of 27 percent.

Besides, they also mention how they could handle the Bounce rates previously between 50 to 90 percent to bring it down to 20-50 percent.

Besides, landing page creation with HubSpot marketing you can also ensure the growth of the traffic and increased conversion. It proves to be scalable enough to cover the array of features and capabilities. It can also ensure covering the enormous variety of functionalities while also covering other abilities for analysis and assisting with business metrics.

What’s more important to note is that it can ensure your marketing campaigns progress in the right direction. The ability to handle both the B2B and B2C business makes it more favorable. With it, you can get drag-and-drop features, A/B testing analysis, real-time editing, SEO management, templates, and similar other entities.


The best all-in-one online marketing platform and landing page builder can allow small businesses, brands, and marketers to get results online. That being said, it can also come inclusive of building landing pages, enabling marketing automation, and a webinar. With 100,000+ businesses using GetResponse, the platform proves to be the most popular landing page builder in the industry.

The tool is good enough for email marketing campaigns and online campaign management. It helps the entrepreneurs make the targeted subscriber list and send high-impact newsletters.

With this best landing page software, you can get the drag-and-drop feature, form creation, real-time editing, A/B testing, and other features. With it, you can also get hundreds of helpful templates. Besides, you can get access to plenty of third-party integrations. It can also give a seamless and simple-to-use editor. Besides, you can also get profit-maximizing features.


ClickFunnels turns out to be one of the best landing page builders to help sell, market, and deliver products online seamlessly. That being said, it can also ensure great easing of product management while using funnel options.

You can get access to the features, including a dashboard for campaign analysis, monitoring business KPIs, and communication management. CRM ensures giving access to the email auto-responder. ClickFunnels comes with an online sales funnel and landing page creator.

A simplified marketing process with the best landing page design also ensures the creation of specific marketing funnels while keeping access to the end users.

According to the estimates of November 2019, ClickFunnels has obtained 100,000 active users!

This landing page builder ensures giving you the standard solutions with the pre-features. You can get the free 14-day trial as well.

The flexibility of ClickFunnels with Sales letters, Membership pages, Quiz funnels, Product launch funnels, Lead magnet funnels, and Application landing pages ensures the creation of any type of landing page without complexities. It covers secure checkout pages, one-click upsells, and down-sell pages while also creating full-blown webinar funnels.


This is the builder that can work with the website optimization platform alongside the A/B & multivariate tests. Optimizely is the best landing page builder 2021 proves to be the best leading landing page software that can ensure the creation and personalization of business websites.

Besides, you can streamline the user’s experience to boost the excellent reputation and enable an organization to experiment with technology stacks. It can also give a broad reach across the customer experience. According to the estimates of Optimizely, 100 people land on the homepage, and from that, around 50 leave without visiting any other pages.

That said, it comes down to the bounce rate of the homepage as 50 percent. But, it’s worth noting that the homepage may receive 400 page views within that same period, and in that, only 100 of those leave the site from the homepage.

Ease of use and speed with the landing page builder software ensures the scope for running bold experiments and bringing out data-driven decisions. That being said, such metrics are essential for businesses to grow and boost their productivity. The landing page features you can get with this tool are A/B Testing, Analytics Responsive interface, Drag and Drop, Real-Time Editing, as well as Templates.


It is an easy-to-use landing page generator that ensures providing ease of creating high-conversion landing pages. You can get support with over 100 fully customizable templates with Landingi. The lead generation process also becomes convenient which can ensure saving time for digital marketers. Thousands of marketers use this tool for marketing campaigns.

Being one of the best landing page builders in 2021, Landingi provides better support than the competitors with a guaranteed landing page success rate. Besides, it works amazingly well with Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring encrypted accessibility and guaranteed 24/7 uptime.

With the Landingi Landing Page tool, one can get support with A/B Testing, Analytics, Form Creation, Real-Time Editing, Drag and Drop, Responsive, Templates, and SEO Management.

What’s more awe-worthy is that you can get the scope for a free trial. The large assortment of many terrific templates makes it one of the most useful builders. Besides, this tool makes creating a landing page easier than other landing page builders. One can just go with selecting a template and then give it a name. Then, there is a need to utilize the simple drag-and-drop builder.

How do you create the best landing page?

The brief step-by-step guide is as follows:

  • Selection of a landing page builder software
  • Identification of your goal
  • Writing your headline and subheadings
  • Adding images
  • Setting the explanation that focuses on the benefits
  • Creation of a clear call to action
  • Addition of the social proof and contact details
  • Testing and optimizing your landing page.

Key Takeaways

You’ve got the highlight on what are the best landing page software builders? It’s worth noting that the Landing pages create a solid first impression, thus helping turn visitors into clients. Landing pages prove to be one of the essential points of generating business.
Besides, with the best landing page builder for WordPress, there is also the skillful implementation of colors, texts, and other visual elements to catch the attention of visitors. So, choose the Landing Page Software that you think will be the most suitable for your needs.

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