King’s Cross Station: Shops, Facilities, and More


When it comes to public transportation in London there is a lot to learn. Luckily for the tourist, or the local, though, public transportation in London is relatively easy to get the hang of. If you’re visiting London for the first time, you may want to consider staying near King’s Cross station as it offers access to almost the entirety of London. Not only that but there is plenty to do both in King’s Cross station and in its direct vicinity. 

Plus, there are plenty of great hotels that offer amazing accommodations all right within walking distance of King’s Cross station. This makes the area a perfect spot for tourists and locals who want to take a little staycation in their very own city. Before you go though, here’s just about everything you’ll need to know about King’s Cross station in London. 

Accessibility to London

This was mentioned briefly above, but one of the main attractions of King’s Cross station is that it grants access to virtually all of London. Therefore, no matter what your interests are or what activities you want to do during your stay, King’s Cross station can get you there. King’s Cross station used to be in an area that was considered a little bit shady or seedy. However, with recent redevelopments, this has hardly been the case for well over a decade, even two. 

One of the reasons King’s Cross station makes it so easy to get around and navigate London is because of the underground station right nearby. This is the largest and busiest underground station in London, as it has all six lines passing through it. 

With all of London at your availability and plenty of options for staying nearby, King’s Cross station makes an excellent tourist destination and stop. 

Five Minutes of Fame; The Harry Potter Movies

Alright, King’s Cross station isn’t just well known for having easy access to a wide variety of hotels, all of London, and a bounty of attractions. It’s also been featured in a very famous blockbuster hit. The global blockbuster franchise, Harry Potter, uses King’s Cross station in their world-famous 9 ¾ platform scene. This has brought King’s Cross station additional popularity among tourists and locals alike, as they want to see the spot where the filming (and the magic) all happened. 

This is also a popular place for selfies, as it genuinely stands out as a generational staple in our society. London is chock-full of spots in movie history, especially when it comes to the Harry Potter franchise. In fact, there are even a plethora of tours that you can book to see a variety of different spots in which Harry Potter scenes were filmed. 

Attractions Nearby

While there aren’t a ton of attractions immediately in the vicinity of King’s Cross station, its wide network of subway systems still makes it an excellent base from which one can explore London. Additionally, this means that you’re less likely to run into a ton of crowds near your hotel if you choose to stay in the area. 

One spot that’s worth a quick trip, though, is the British Library. Besides that, King’s Cross station is best known for its variety of hotels, and its sprawling subway system. 

Where to Stay

Because you can pretty easily get to just about anywhere in London from the King’s Cross station, it is still an extremely popular place to stay, despite lacking any major tourist attractions. 

However, this has given space for a thriving and versatile hotel scene to develop. In fact, there are a plethora of hotel options from which travelers can choose that cater to any level of budget. There are high-end hotels for those who want to live like royalty, and there are much more affordable options for those traveling on a budget. 

No matter who you are, there’s a hotel for you within walking distance of King’s Cross station. 

Shopping and Dining

There are plenty of coffee shops, fast food options, and even full-service restaurants available within the underground station at King’s Cross as well. This is because it is one of the busiest underground terminals in all of London. As such, it makes sense that they need to service a wide variety of commuters. 

If you’re killin’ time, you can even sip a couple of brews at a pub located within the station. 

Final Thoughts on Kings Cross Station

If you’re staying in a hotel near King’s Cross station you may not be done exploring London even after you check out. Have no fear. You can make use of luggage storage near King’s Cross station and securely leave your things for the day while you get one last exploration in. After all, with all of London accessible through King’s Cross station, you may as well take advantage of every single minute you’re there.

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