Is It Crucial to Leverage Paid Social Media?


Do you know about paid social media advertising? In this article we will tell you everything. Social media makes headway to promote the brands to succeed in gaining audience engagement. Digital marketing reveals that creating social media campaigning makes the brand more comfortable to meet its target audience. Many brands are using social media to enhance their brand engagement by implementing digital marketing technologies. Jai Bhatt at TopMostBlog, the digital marketing expert explains social media’s importance in marketing, and it’s necessary to leverage paid social media methods to improve marketing performance.

Social Media Marketing Methods

Social media marketing can make active business posts and supreme ad formatting to regulate brand identity among the target audience. The business can make two types of marketing- organic and paid advertising to elevate its online presence. The organic campaigning possibilities are generating regular brand feed posts by creating the image and video ads, posting the ads in the social media stories, and adding actionable features such as a swipe or click on the stories video directing the viewer to the brand or product page once they make it.

In free-of-cost advertising, the brand can run contests and challenges to make their audience engage with the brand and make more user-generated content that aids in increasing the brand traffic.

Organic advertising can reach the target audience and make brand promotion easy, but it consumes a lot of time to meet the audience. Paid marketing can reach the target audiences faster and influence them to buy the product through quality posts.

The brands’ popular social media for branding are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat, based on the platform’s target audience availability. A business that has its target audience as youngsters and adults can prefer the above media to promote the brand. All the media supports paid advertising by sponsoring the brand ads to the target audience location as desired by the brands on making placements.

Paid Advertising Strategies

The two social media platforms are used by leading brands: Facebook and Instagram, which holds the largest number of users. Social media offers several types of paid advertisements to make the brand promotions effectual to build brand awareness and maximize the followers. The most commonly used ads are infeed ads and brand takeovers.

Infeed Ads

The infeed ads are the image and video ads created by the brand to display on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram media page and sponsored to list in other media like YouTube. These video ads can be added in between the YouTube videos as skippable and non-skippable ads. When most users visit the brand ads, they will reach the brand for more information about their interests.

The infeed ads can be of any scenario like brand awareness video, product specification video, how to use the product video, and others like behind-the-scenes and customer feedback. These ads can create enriched content and post into the media stories by compressing it to 15 seconds and adding multiple clip stories to make the brand follower benefit from the brand update.

Making the brand ads with high-quality content will drive more followers to follow the brand.

Brand Takeovers

The brand takeovers are the brands’ full-screen ads to list in the ‘for you’ and discover page to be visible for 24 hours. These ads will get listed in the first place before the user-generated posts exist. The brand must create the best ads to post in the feed, and it must be beneficial to make the audience inquire about it. The content must be manipulated workably, and the video’s presentation should be adorable to drive more visitors to be impressed by it. This ad is used by large brands to make their products memorable to the audience.

Run A Contest And Challenges

The brand events are a useful tool to build brand engagement and increase new brand followers. Investing in the brand contest and challenges by posting on several zones will increase the number of brand participants. The brand contests must be unique to attract followers and trigger them to participate in the event. The brand contest can include posing questions to the audience; many will reply to it by generating comments.

The brand challenge is the costlier event, usually run by top brands to cover a large audience base and make more followers. The hashtag challenge is trending in Instagram and TikTok by posting the brand challenge and stimulating the existing brand followers to accept the challenge, create their videos, and post them using the brand hashtag. It makes the brand followers promote the brand by mentioning the brand hashtag. When the follower’s network uses the hashtag challenge, the brand hashtag traffic will get increased.

These events can promote brand identity. The brands can use the media stories to post the event videos in the Instagram reels and mention the event rewards to improve the audience participants.

Hire The Brand Influencer

Social media enables brands to use an influencer to increase brand awareness and find the target followers. Social media is composed of many industry influencers who specialize in branding by making the necessary campaigns. The influencers hold their followers and elucidate them about the brand characteristics and benefits to create interest in the brand. The influencers make the brand posts and follow their followers’ actions towards the brand post and convince them to buy the product.

The social media influencers are composed of four major categories- nano, micro, macro, and mega influencers. The brand can pair with the right influencers whose followers must match the brand’s target audience. Monitoring the influencer’s operations is essential to give suggestions on their post creation to include the brand elements. The brand can hire influencers based on the business media marketing objective and the budget to instantaneously increase brand followers. It will reduce the business efforts to find the target audience by going with other paid advertising.

It is necessary to leverage paid social media methods to improve marketing performance and increase brand awareness quickly. The experts reveal that the brand can gain more customer engagement if the brand events are published versatile. The paid ads can get sponsored to be listed in other media and motivate them to follow the brand profile to increase their volume.

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