Is Corel Painter Worth it?


Corel Painter is software that is widely used by professionals for artworks that help them earn money and fame. It is software with loads of features and tools which make you all amazed.

It is quite popular for its consistency due to the fact it provides users with regular updates from time to time, which add on all the essential features according to the recent trends and requirements.

It helps the users to stay connected to the traditional painting methods by making them feel like they are drawing on actual canvas, with all their feelings indulged in that piece of artwork.

But some people ask the question, Is Corel paint worth it? We will not give a yes or no as an answer to this question, yet at the end of this article, you will be pretty sure about your answer.

What’s great about Corel Painter?

Corel Painter provides so many advanced features to its users for enhancing their painting work such as:


Corel Paint comes out to be an amazing software for all ranges of artists, be they, beginners or professionals. Its easy and dynamic user interface makes it a great option for all types of painters.

All the brushes are organised alphabetically in the library of Corel Draw, which makes accessing them quite easy for you.

Brushes and textures

It comes with an in-built wide range of brushes and tools and various textures that provide strokes just like in a canvas. Some of them are acrylic brushes, chalk, pastel colours, watercolours, speckles, markers, etc. These brushes and textures give you a completely real feel.

You are also given the choice to customise brushes according to your requirements. There are many Corel Painter versions available and Corel Painter 2022 is its latest version that has even more brush options.


You can easily transport your files from Corel Paint to other apps without losing their quality and feel. You can draw it using a tablet, with or without a drawing pen. Other than that, it can work on Windows OS as well as Mac OS.

Mostly used for

Corel Paint is widely used for drawing almost all types of paintings, including sketching, watercolouring, oil pastel painting, portraits, etc. Moreover, it comes with Artificial Intelligence, which helps you cover up the loopholes in your painting. It also has some built-in auto-painting and cloning tools. It can be used for professional work as well as beginning sessions.


The monthly subscription to Corel Paint costs $0.99 to the customer. This is quite an affordable price, making it a likeable software in terms of budget.


Although Corel Paint does not provide the provision of live support to its users, it provides support by the medium of Email/Helpdesk, Forum, or FAQs.

After reading the essential features of Corel Painter, we shall now read about its Pros and cons to make the idea even more clear. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with these features of pricing you can check these best Corel painter alternatives.

Pros And Cons Of Corel Painter

Before buying any new product or technical software it is recommended to always check the benefits and limitations of that particular thing.

That is why here we have mentioned the pros and cons of Corel Painter in detail. Based on these pros and cons you can take the right conclusion is Corel Painter worth it or not?

Advantages Of Corel Painter

  • It can be used by all types of artists ranging from newbies to professionals, which widens its scope and makes it a widely used software.
  • It comes with a quite low price as compared to its competitors, who charge a lot more for the same features.
  • It can be used on many tablets and allows the support of a pen, and you can even draw without a pen. Thus it is a versatile app.
  • It comes with a big set of brushes, which are made to solve all your drawing needs and purposes. You can easily sort out the brushes, save them or rename them according to your ease.
  • You can even create brushes of your own by customisation if you feel that the brush you want is not available in the pre-set.
  • You can draw all types of paintings and do not need separate software for different types of paintings.
  • Its texture even in the digital mode feels just like the real texture.
  • It helps you add features to your drawing so that you can enhance the look of your piece of art.
  • It comes with various AI tools and tools such as Auto painting and cloning tools which make the work very easy to be done by the painter and save time and effort.
  • It comes with compatibility in terms of transfer of images as well as brushes with Photoshop and painter essentials so that you can transfer your brushes or your artwork to those apps.

Disadvantages Of Corel Painter

  • Corel Paint does not have versions for phones. Now as mobile phones have come out to be a handy device for the creation of paintings, this drawback comes as a problem for some users.
  • It does not have a live support system for users who are stuck in some problem and need help regarding the app. They have to write emails or search through its forums for answers, if available.
  • Some people quite many time face bugs quite often while operating this app, which might hinder the smooth experience of drawing for you.
  • Also, for better results check out this Corel painter vs. clip studio paint comparison.

Final Conclusion For Is Corel Painter Worth It?

Therefore we have seen that Corel Painter comes with a lot of features. The number of its advantages is also not less. However, there are some disadvantages too. Yet I believe that Corel Paint is an amazing painting software and if you have not tried it ever, you should try it at least once in your lifetime, and then you will be able to make a better decision.

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