IoT, 5G, and Smart City Trends For 2024 and Beyond


5G is the 5th generation of cellular and mobile technologies, networks, and solutions. This promises to be highly advanced over the current levels of IT and communications.

It will have a higher bandwidth capable of transporting a higher volume of data at a much higher speed than they are currently being done. 5G is all about more massive amounts of data and a higher rate at which they travel.

IoT, 5G, and Smart City Trends

This is going to be a very useful enabler of IoT and smart city trends. 5G promises that the future of IoT and Smart City concepts is going to ride on speed and accuracy. Here is what we expect the directions to be in 2024 and beyond.

IoT in traffic management

A vital area of the smart city concept is traffic management. It’s as much about putting up a stylish speed bump as it is about an intelligent transportation system.

When the internet speed gets the 5G boost, the smart city will be able to keep a watch on each of the vehicles on the road. It will be able to guide the car so that it does not get into traffic congestion.

Instead, it offered a route that had the least traffic obstructions. The technology is already in operation in the form of GPS. But it is expected to improve and become much smoother and more reliable. IoT has a vital role in providing smooth and speed bump-free traffic.

When all other devices can use 5G technologies, networks, and solutions, IoT can really revolutionize traffic management.

IoT in healthcare

After traffic management, healthcare is another critical area where IoT is expected to play a significant role. As of now, IoT is present in healthcare centers and providing them with integrated tracking and monitoring solutions.

For example, patients are wearing devices that can monitor their vital parameters while the data can be accessed and monitored by their doctors in real time. Inventory management and third-party services are also covered by IoT.

This means all these data can be monitored remotely. However, the broader application of IoT in healthcare has been put on hold in view of cybersecurity concerns. After the arrival of 5G communications technologies and devices, IoT is expected to become more secure and able to enlarge its goals and ambit in the healthcare sector.

A larger role played by IoT in the healthcare sector can make smart cities deliver better quality healthcare at reduced prices.

IoT for clean city

As cities are becoming more significant by the day, with more people coming to stay here on a permanent basis, the need to keep the towns cleaner has become ever more urgent.

Not only are the cities generating more waste than the existing infrastructure can remove promptly, but the cost of a dirty town is also outstripping what it takes to clean it. Naturally, there are communication gaps and productivity issues, which IoT is expected to address efficiently.

A smart city will have a very efficient waste management system in place. And it’s not possible unless we use IoT in a big way. Each garbage center needs to work as a smart unit so do the pickup vans that empty them and carry the waste to its designated place. 5G technologies are solutions that are surely going to make this process fast and efficient.

Cyber security and data storage

IoT is a cost-effective way of using communication networks and devices to achieve the seemingly impossible task of making vast and complex operations and processes clear and transparent.

This makes predictive interventions both easy and possible and makes the entire procedure much more efficient. But with all these benefits also come the concerns that the system can be hacked and vital data can be stolen.

With 5G technologies in place, smart cities can deploy more robust defenses around their IoT assets. It will be possible to enhance the cybersecurity measures to a level that IoT can work full potential without any fear or concern.

Final thoughts

IoT is making cities smart without the kind of investments that other infrastructure projects entail. With the coming of 5G technologies, this trend is going to get stronger and more significant.

The real momentum will come from all those small and big devices that will be able to leverage 5G technology and enhance their performances. This makes the smart city concept an actionable and achievable target.

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