5 Ways to Increase Your Brand’s Pinterest Engagement


Pinterest isn’t just great for discovering tasty new recipes or clever DIY ideas. It’s also an excellent platform for promoting your brand and spreading awareness.

Pinterest has come a long way since its days as ‘that social media network where housewives go to post photos of their cats and dinners.’ It has now established itself as one of the most popular social networking sites.

Pinterest’s viewership is primarily female, yet men are becoming more interested in it. That means Pinterest is attracting more active users than before. Therefore, you must learn how to boost your brand’s engagement on Pinterest to make it useful for your business. Here are some suggestions:

1. Buy Pinterest Accounts

It’s not always easy to beat Pinterest’s algorithm, and making a reputation for yourself on Pinterest from scratch is a bit of a challenge. But if you buy aged Pinterest accounts, you can speed up the process and make sure that the right individuals see your content.

Once you’ve purchased a Pinterest account, you can include a link to your site and your pins. You can expect to see an increase in site traffic as a result of these measures.

Many websites sell Pinterest accounts. But how do you know which one to trust? Make sure to remember the important factors below to make your search easier.

  • Security of the accounts
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Real Customer Reviews

If you know where to look, you can easily acquire accounts in bulk, followers, likes, and pins.

2. Distribute Your Content

Over 85% of Pinners are primarily interested in and prefer visual content. Because of this, Pinterest is perfect for promoting products, blog posts, or any other type of content. And other than images, users can interact with live links, too.

Pinterest boards are a great way to collect and distribute your content. You may create boards to organize all of your Pins, which your audience can use to find new and interesting content. You’re free to make as many boards and name each one as you like to help your audience find the specific information they need more quickly.

You can turn your board into a ‘group board’ by inviting other users to contribute content that they find relevant to the topic. By doing this, you can boost your brand’s visibility and engagement.

3. Schedule Your Pins

Scheduling posts on Pinterest is crucial. Pinterest is a platform that is always changing, and the algorithms that determine what users see are always being updated. So, scheduling on Pinterest is a key part of marketing on Pinterest.

Creating brand-relevant content takes planning since you must be able to effectively reach your target audience. Using a Pinterest scheduling tool maximizes the platform’s potential by building your audience and publishing fresh content regularly.

Checking Pinterest stats in advance can help you determine the best times to publish posts. Discover the most popular pins from your site and learn what your audience is interested in hearing more about. Pin it and make a new board about it as soon as you find something relevant.

4. Use Unique Images

Remember that your pin will only be shown for 1-2 seconds, so make it count.

Your audience will respond better to Pins that are both visually appealing and feature an engaging call to action (CTA). You can include CTAs in the image’s caption or in the image itself. Both approaches work, but you may see higher interaction rates if you include your CTA within an image.

Your pin’s effectiveness can be impacted by factors such as its size, image orientation, and design quality.

Also, Pinterest takes a vertical approach to organizing images rather than a horizontal one. Infographics are a good example of the kind of extended images that do well on Pinterest because of their informative value.

Smaller images can be posted, but they won’t stick out as much. The attractiveness of a pin’s images is crucial to its success on Pinterest. Your posts should be unique and interesting if you want to attract the most attention and get the most shares, likes, and repins.

5. Leave A Thoughtful Comment

Pins that have been repinned, liked, and commented on repeatedly are featured in Pinterest’s Popular section. You can take advantage of this by leaving comments on these pins to attract visitors to your own page.

While comments and replies are helpful, they may not always be enough to convey the whole meaning of a user’s post. So, look at your pin carefully, analyze both the image and the description, and then come up with a thoughtful comment. You need to elaborate on your findings and contributions beyond the standard one- or two-word responses like ‘Excellent Pin’ or ‘Nice Find!’ If you have some expertise on the topic, share it by making a comment. People will be curious and want to check out your page after this.


Pinterest is a rapidly expanding platform that offers significant opportunities to increase the reach of your brand. Take the time to implement the best methods for maximizing engagement from your audience, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in visits.

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