How to Increase the Data Recovery Success Rate?


Do you know how to increase the data recovery success rate? Even if we know how important backups are, most people delay their backup plans just because they think they are well off without them. This decision shows their optimism that it can potentially convert itself to insanity.

Data has become a significant asset no matter what industry we are talking about. It is a fragile thing that isn’t completely safe no matter where you are storing it.

Data can be lost due to various reasons. Virus attacks, corruption, external physical damage, malware, and ransomware are a few reasons, to name a few. The most effective way to recover your lost data is by taking help from third-party data recovery software. Among hundreds of data recovery brands, iBoysoft is what we highly recommend. This company has introduced iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac as well as iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows to meet the needs of different targets.

However, even data recovery software does not guarantee you 100% data recovery. 100% data recovery will depend on the action you will take after the data loss event has occurred.

This article will discuss the follow-up action fate of a data loss event that has taken place.
Follow Up Actions Needed to Be Taken Right After Data Loss Event
With the data recovery software in the market, people hardly think about backups. They have created their own reality where every data loss can be taken care of with the data recovery software.

Let me tell you this; it is just a myth. Data recovery software does not guarantee you 100% data recovery; your action determines whether you can recover all of your lost data.

Here are the actions you need to take right after data loss events to ensure a 100% data recovery.

1. Stop Using the Drive

Contrary to the data getting deleted, it is not permanently deleted from the drive. It simply leaves the address for new data to locate itself. That means, that when you keep using the drive after losing data, the new data will overwrite the old data, making it impossible to recover any data.

So, if you want to increase your chances of data recovery, restrict all your read and write operations on the drive. And initiate the data recovery process immediately.

2. Stop Yourself from Rebooting the Drive

When a drive is corrupted or damaged, the system gives you a prompt command formatting the drive before using it. Do not do that. Formatting will further worsen your situation and make it difficult for you to recover your lost data.

The best course of action you can take is to keep the drive as it is and connect it with your data recovery software to recover the lost and deleted files.

3. Do Not Defragment the Storage

Experts advise that in the case of a data loss event, do not defragment the drive. Defragmentation divides the hard drive into many partitions and reduces your chances of recovering the lost data.

4. Do Not Physically Tamper the Drive

If you believe that you are good with handling computer parts and restrict yourself from handling the hard drive that has gone through a data loss. Using the hard drive in a different computer system to scan out all the lost data is a good choice of action, but do it only if you are confident about handling the hard drive effectively without worsening your current situation.

5. Initiate the Recovery Process Instantly

Do not wait for a single minute to initiate the data recovery process. The moment you encounter a data loss, initiate your data recovery software for the scan and recover the lost data.

Final Thoughts

The rate of successful data recovery depends on how fast and immediate action you take. We have seen many individuals take their sweet time to take action and what happens is that the drive is overwritten by new data making it impossible to recover the lost data. Even with powerful software like iBoysoft data recovery software, you can’t rescue your data in this situation.

Let’s be frank about it, 100% data recovery happens in the rarest of cases. However, if you can follow up on the prominent markers that we have mentioned above, you are a step closer to getting a 100% data recovery.

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