Did you know that 88% of online shoppers don’t return to a website due to a bad user experience? Statistics also show that 70% of online businesses fail because of poor website usability.

Do you have concerns about improving your customers’ website experience? User experience is an important aspect to facilitate the success of your website. Having a good website design means more traffic and customers. But, You can lose customers and may also experience a decline in traffic and sales from having a poor website design.

Improve Website User Experience

Don’t let that happen to you. Follow these seven strategies to enhance the performance of your website today.

1. Use Original Images

Are you using original images that appeal to your audience?

Uploading unique images can have a great impact on your website. Unique images also make your website stand out from your competitors.

You can find free images on the Internet, but it’s more beneficial for you to take your own pictures. You can also hire a professional photographer to take quality pictures for you.

Regardless of your niche, you can display original photos for your website visitors. This technique makes your website more memorable and adds more value.

2. Make It Mobile-Friendly

Optimize your website by making it mobile-friendly. This is a top priority that you should consider for your business.

Nowadays, the majority of people are using cell phones to access the Internet. If your website is not properly optimized for mobile users, they will move on to another website.

So, this is a critical change that you should make to your website.

A mobile-friendly website may help you to get more page views from mobile users. Your new website design will attract more users and may also improve your website’s rank in search engines.

These are compelling reasons for you to consider changing your website design. By creating a mobile-friendly design, you’re doing a great favor to your website visitors as well as improving the performance of your business.

Missing out on this technique could cause you to be left behind by your competitors. Making your website mobile-friendly is a brilliant technological strategy you must consider.

Upgrading your website to a mobile-friendly design gives you the confidence that you’re not losing quality traffic. This design allows you to reach a wider audience and improve a user’s browsing experience.

You can also check out these features for teams to learn how you can use a tool to find user experience issues.

3. Good Content Structure

Does the content on your website have a good structure that’s easy to read? Capture the interest of your audience with the right content layout.

A bad layout can cause your website visitors to feel frustrated if they can’t find the content they need. This is a digital customer experience that you should improve.

Changing your content layout makes it easier for a website visitor to read your content. This also helps them to save time when they’re navigating your website.

A good content layout is an excellent way for you to entice your website visitors and to encourage them to stay longer on your website. Create a website design for your written content and videos to give your website a cohesive look.

To make your content cohesive, consider using bullet points, lists, a color scheme, and other techniques. A cohesive website is a better representation of your business. This also makes it easier for readers to return to your website to discover more content.

4. Use Proper Headers

Website headers are important elements to improve a website visitor’s experience. Your headers play a critical role in catching the eye of your visitors.

These are important elements that set the tone for the content you create on your website. Your website headers can include the following:

  • contact information
  • tagline
  • company logo
  • Search
  • headlines
  • navigation links

Consider these elements to make great headers that will impress your audience. This allows them to have a better interaction on your website.

5. Improve Page Loads

Page speed matters when you want to attract visitors to your website. You can lose customers if your web pages take too long to load.

Some common factors that affect your website’s speed include unoptimized images, JavaScript problems, too many ads, and excessive flash content.

So, you should design your website with faster page loads. This makes your website more efficient and may also help to improve your conversion rates. Take the time to analyze the loading speed of your pages and make the necessary adjustments.

6. Calls to Action

Design attractive CTA buttons that appeal to your audience. The CTAs you use should designate a specific action that you want from your website visitors. CTAs can include words that arouse excitement in people to make them take the right action.

You should also put your CTAs in the right location on your website. Use eye-catching, colorful buttons for your CTA. This enables users to navigate your website to perform the action you desire.

7. Get Feedback

You can determine how to upgrade a website by paying attention to a customer’s complaints. A customer’s feedback helps you to learn about the necessary changes you should make.

Use this information to discover what website components you should improve or replace. It’s also beneficial for you to keep testing the performance of your website to provide convenience to your customers.

Use the Best Strategies to Improve User Experience

Follow these simple strategies to learn how to optimize a website and to make your site hassle-free for your website visitors. The implementation of a good user experience enables you to take your online business to a higher level.

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