What is Error Code E4302 and How to Fix it?


Sometimes you see error code E4302 but you don’t actually know what is it and reason of this error. In this article, we will let you know how you can fix error E4302.

Let’s first start with the basics. What is Error Code: E4301? When someone is trying to verify their identity online, they sometimes see the following error notice Error Code: E4302 on ID.me. If you have recently changed your name, phone number, or residential address; you are likely to get the message “We couldn’t verify your identity: Error Code: E4301.”

People do panic after this, but don’t fear! We have outlined the solution in this post. So, whenever you encounter Error Codes E4302 and Error E4303, take the actions below. If you want to solve Samsung A32 Unlock Error Code 999 you can read this article too.

Error Code E4302 – What Causes This Error?

There are several potential reasons why ID.me Error Code E4302 can appear. For instance, your state ID and your federal ID both can be outdated. Make sure your secondary papers verification process is current and valid. Sometimes, users choose the incorrect category or fail to upload the front and backside photos of their documents. This may also result in getting this error. If your information does not match the reliable sources to verify your identification, your effort at identity verification will become unsuccessful. There are a few other reasons to get Error Code: E4302.

Verification attempts are unsuccessful due to a variety of causes-

  1. You could have relocated recently.
  2. May have a frozen or locked credit report.
  3. You may have given false answers to the asked security questions.
  4. It’s possible to get a typo or error during your submission.
  5. Your credit profile may have inaccurate information.
  6. You could have used previous ID.me to confirm your identity.
  7. You might have provided out-of-date documentation.
  8. Your “selfie” wasn’t properly captured or submitted.
  9. Your document may not be readable.
  10. Provide a phone number that is unrelated to your name and address.

There are other means to confirm your identity. For instance, if your subsequent effort at identity verification fails, search for the button labeled “Verify identity on a video call”. After this conduct, a video chat with a Trusted Referee completes the process successfully.

How to Fix ID.me E4302 Issue?

If any of the aforementioned mistakes are present, you have to follow these steps:

  • Select Retry, then either click the original verification method or a different one.
  • Verify if the data you have entered and the data on your documents are the same.

Well, the easiest thing is to see if you have entered all the information precisely. You should try alternate verification methods as well. Also, see if there are no typo errors in the name, number, or address you have entered. As stated earlier, the information must be the same as on the documents that you’ve submitted prior. If anything has been updated in documents, verify them and then re-enter the details. This will help you resolve errors.

Alternatively, you can also visit ID.me Help Center


So, in the end, you can try to reach experts by contacting the customer support portal. They can help you get your identification in place and update the documents as well. We hope this article was helpful for you and you will successfully resolve Error Code E4302!

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