Get Creative with the HUAWEI Mate 50 Camera’s Advanced Features

Get Creative with the HUAWEI Mate 50 Camera's Advanced Features


The HUAWEI Mate 50 is a smartphone that is designed for photography enthusiasts. Its camera system features a triple rear camera with ultra-wide, wide, and telephoto lenses, providing a wide range of focal lengths for a variety of shooting situations. The optically adjustable focal aperture allows for precise control over the amount of light that reaches the sensor, while the hybrid zoom combines optical zoom with digital zoom for even greater magnification.

In addition to these advanced features, the HUAWEI Mate 50 also boasts a number of AI-powered camera functions that help to optimize image quality and improve overall performance. The front-facing camera also has 3D depth sensing capabilities, allowing for stunning selfies that capture your features in great detail. Overall, the HUAWEI Mate 50’s camera is a powerful tool that allows users to get creative and take their photography to the next level. If you are looking for cameras you can visit

Like any good Huawei Mate, the Mate 50 has an amazing camera.

If there is anything in the Mate series, what Huawei does best is the camera. The Mate 40 Pro+ has dominated the DxOMark rankings for months, and the P50 Pro and Huawei seem eager to reclaim that crown.

What do you plan to do? A camera set that can rock the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Honor Magic 4 Ultimate. In total, they have 3 rear sensors for each unit, 2 of which are repeated, but let’s list them better.

  • 50MP main camera with XMAGE technology The focal aperture can be changed automatically and manually between f/1.4 and f/4.0. It has OIS, PDAF, and laser AF. Both models are identical.
  • The camera features a 2.2MP ultra-wide angle lens with an aperture of f/13, a 120º field of view, and phase detection autofocus (PDAF). These features are available in both current versions of the camera.
  • 3.5MP Telephoto Lens 50Pro with f/64 and 3.5x Optical Zoom for Huawei Mate. Meanwhile, the Mate 50 Huawei incorporates a 3.4MP telephoto lens with f/12. and 5x optical zoom. Both sensors have OIS and PDAF.

The camera for selfies is 2.4MP with f/13. In either case, the Mate 50 Pro integrates a second front-facing sensor, and a 3D TOF camera, for easy recognition and unlocking.

Regarding the charging system, the two devices feature 66W fast charging, 50W wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. However, the battery of the Huawei Mate 50 Pro is 4700mAh, while the battery of the standard Mate 50 is 4460mAh.


It is clear that the HUAWEI Mate 50 is a powerful and feature-packed smartphone that is ideal for photography enthusiasts. Its triple rear camera system, optically adjustable focal aperture, and hybrid zoom capabilities make it a versatile device that can capture high-quality photos in a variety of shooting situations. Its AI-powered camera features and the 3D depth-sensing front-facing camera also add to its impressive capabilities, making it a top choice for those looking to take their photography to the next level.

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