How to Write a Quality Guest Post?


Guest posting is a form of link building used for approaching websites and blogs with an article in hopes that they will publish it. This is a highly effective SEO strategy since you will be able to link with websites through links that are obtained organically and naturally. You can do it either yourself or by hiring one of many guest posting services. Regrettably, a vast majority of companies are not aware of the importance of a quality guest post. Now, let’s see how writing a quality guest post should be done.

Things to Consider Before Writing Quality Guest Posts

Know the Audience

Before writers or guest posting services start writing a guest post, they should know what is the targeted market or niche. The audience who will read this guest post will look for highly informative articles about the particular industry. Therefore, proper guest posts should address only its targeted audience, and no one else besides them. A good way to reach some new readers within the potential audience is to have a guest post that addresses some of the problems people in a particular industry face frequently.

Mention Prominent Websites

One of the most effective ways to boost the activity on a newly created blog is by mentioning credible websites that have a large audience as it is. By applying this strategy, there are three major benefits a new blog will reap over time. The first one is that the blog itself will be associated with credible sites within the niche.

After that, by sending those websites an email before the guest post goes viral, and letting them know about the article itself, it could reach some of their readers when they publish it on some of their social media. Last but not least, when you already established a connection with those sites, future conversations will be much easier.

Anchor Text Strategy

Pretty much all of the bloggers in the world are aware of the importance of having organic backlinks to their blogs. At the same time, having a proper anchor text strategy can play a pivotal role in ranking a certain keyword. Before the guest post is done either by a freelancer or a guest posting service, the initial keyword research should be already done. After that particular guest post is live, after some time you can link back to it by using an anchor text you’ve chosen. By doing this you’ll be able to elevate a guest post on another website and help it to mature properly.

Aim at Beginners

Even though it might sound strange a vast majority of readers who will subscribe and interact with the newly created content, are newbies. A guest post blog written by a blogger outreach service such as Linkhouse or a freelancer will be looked for through the search engine. People who are new in a particular niche or industry will Google the questions they don’t know the answer to. With this strategy, newly created posts will be able to attract new readers frequently. All of the credible and prominent websites started by using this strategy and we can see the outcome.

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