How to Win A Political Campaign


Some elections are closely fought, with the final result hinging on a few hundred votes. Politicians can’t afford to be complacent, even if the polls indicate they have a strong lead over their opponents. Political campaigns need a strong strategy if a candidate is to win. What that strategy entails will largely depend on the election.

Hone Your Message

Every politician needs a message. This must be something the electorate can relate to, whether you are campaigning for a seat on the local council or the White House. 

Concentrate on crafting a message that resonates with people. Most voters support a politician who stands for something they feel strongly about, whether that’s creating local jobs, improving healthcare, or supporting family values. 

Think about who your ideal voter is and what they care about. Then look at ways to bridge the gap between what they want and what you stand for. Sometimes that isn’t possible, but the more common ground you have with people, the more likely they are to vote for you when the time comes. 

Build a Campaign War Chest

Politicians need funding to win an election campaign. It’s no accident very rich individuals are more likely to run for office in the US compared to working-class people with no money. The cost of a presidential campaign has risen significantly in recent decades, with presidential candidates spending millions to win votes. Obviously, the smaller the campaign, the less money you will need, but it is sensible to look for campaign donors long before you publicly announce you are campaigning for a seat.  

Once you hit the campaign trail, continue sending out messages to supporters, reminding them you need donations to your campaign. Tools like Tatango are great for this, as a short SMS message gets the point across quickly, and is guaranteed to reach the recipient, whereas emails may not. 

Make use of multiple avenues to raise financial support. Social media, telephone calls, text messaging, fundraising events, and more are all effective. 

Recruit Plenty of Volunteers

The bigger the campaign, the more people you’ll need. The good news is that you won’t need to pay for all of them. Many of the smaller roles, such as organizing local leaflet drops, answering the telephones, putting together marketing packs, and posting on social media can be done by volunteers. Supporters are usually happy to get involved at any level to support the candidate they believe in. When people reach out, let them know how they can help, and be clear that any help they can give is much appreciated.

Be sure to show how grateful you are that these people are willing to give up their free time to help you win the election. Never take their hard work for granted, or they could end up losing faith and posting negative content online.

Finally, be prepared to adjust your campaign strategy as time passes. Some things will work and others won’t. The more adaptable you are, the greater your chances of winning.

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