How to use Logistics Software


Logistics software development

The ‘time is money’ principle is most tangible in logistics. The process needs to be fast and transparent. Especially in perishable goods delivery. The industrial storage and logistics process of perishable products must meet stringent requirements to guarantee their quality and safety. Due to perishable goods characteristics to expire or spoil quickly and lose their original properties, the storage system must consider external factors such as humidity, temperature, or atmospheric pressure. The more time products spend in adverse conditions, the fewer chances to sell them. You will only earn a customer’s trust if they know exactly where and in what state their product is at any given time. Smart logistics software might be a solution.

Logistics management software

The logistics process includes such operations as receiving and processing an order, checking and preparing inventory, packing and picking an item, dispatching it, and selecting the best route to deliver the product to a customer. All these operations need good management. That is what the logistics management system is used for. It is a combination of software tools that optimize all processes from making an order to delivering it to a customer’s door. There are a few modules of the logistics management system:

– Order management. It is a process of monitoring orders from receiving to confirming them by customers.

– Inventory management. It is a process of receiving, storing, and tracking inventory by automatic systems.

– Warehouse management.  It is a set of tools to maintain, control, and automate warehouse operations.

– Strategic transport planning. It is a process of shipment optimization. Software development provides effective solutions for documentation systems and helps to establish connections with carriers.

– Transport management. The whole process from scheduling, cross-docking, last mile logistics, and order tracking management.

– Reverse logistics. Managing returns from customers to buyers.

– Logistics analytics. Creating logistics software to manage freight accruals, carrier, and KPI reports.

An example of good-provided logistics software

Lots of perishable goods are wasted because of inefficiencies during transportation. Most of the wastage could be reduced via delivery management. Real-time cargo tracking has become essential for successful delivery. Let’s talk about the benefits of GPS tracking:

– Ability to view the progress of the driver. You can check at any time if workers are following the route.

– Quick response. In the case of unforeseen events like traffic jams or crashes, the geolocation system provides immediate help by finding alternative routes or assigning the delivery to another agent.

– Good customer experience. Buyers want to be regularly informed by email or SMS about the delivery status, so you always know what to say.

Being a logistics-oriented company, TRICARE provides custom logistics software development for different purposes such as transport, QC, and delivery. We consult logistics companies and create applications that are comfortable and simple in use, so houseware workers can easily go through them.

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