How to Use Instagram for Marketing?


Are you looking to expand your marketing efforts but aren’t sure how to do it? If you aren’t already, it’s time to add Instagram to your marketing strategy.

With over one billion monthly active users, Instagram is a great tool for reaching new audience members and connecting with current ones. If you have a younger market, even better, as a recent study found that 32 percent of the global Instagram market is between the ages of 25 and 34.

But, how do you use Instagram for marketing? Read on to find out.

1. Create a Content Calendar

Have you ever come across an Instagram profile that seems to be perfectly curated? Chances are, they have a content calendar. Organizing and planning your content in advance can help you create a more engaging Instagram profile.

If you’re just posting to your Instagram at random, it’s going to be more difficult to develop your brand identity and keep your followers engaged. If you’re having trouble keeping your followers engaged, you may want to buy Instagram likes.

2. Make Use of User-Generated Content

To mix up your content creation schedule, consider creating a campaign that involves posting user-generated content. Not only will this take some of the burdens of creating new content off your shoulders, but it’ll also strengthen your followers’ trust in your brand.

People tend to be more trustful of content and recommendations that come directly from customers. Also, you don’t need to run a specific campaign to post user-generated content.

You should regularly conduct searches to see if anyone is posting about your brand, and you should create hashtags so users can post about your brand on your behalf. Any time someone creates a post or story that mentions your brand, ask if you can repost it to your company’s feed.

3. Have a Reserve of High-Quality Photos

Great Instagram captions are nothing without great photos to accompany them. However, you’d be surprised about how quickly you can run out of photos for your company’s Instagram.

Reposting photos is never a good look, so we recommend having a stockpile of high-quality images at your disposal. Take advantage of brand events or times when you have your camera around to take a bunch of photos. Then, organize these photos into different categories on your computer.

This way, any time you have a post coming up, you can dig through your photos to see which one is most appropriate.

4. Keep Branding Consistent

Instagram is a great place for followers to get to know your company better, which is why it’s so important to keep branding consistent! Many companies are also offering services such as Nonprofit branding if in case you are into charity or NGO.

With consistent branding, followers will know what to expect from you, and they’ll develop more trust in your brand. If your brand is loud and fun, this could mean posting photos with lots of different colors.

If your brand is all about keeping your users informed, then posting detailed infographics might be a good idea.

Time to Use Instagram for Marketing

Now that you know how to use Instagram for marketing, it’s time to get started. With the above tips, your Instagram profile should grow in popularity in no time.

Be sure to check back in for more social media tips and strategies!

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