How to Use Instagram Analytics to Build Your Profile


Have you kept track of your Instagram likes, or do you know about monthly follower growth? If the answer is no, then this is the best time to start that. We will help you to understand how to grow and improve your business using Instagram analytics.

In this blog, I will explain the importance of Instagram analytics and all the analytics options available, and finally, share a shortlist of powerful Instagram analytics tools.

Why should you care about Instagram analytics?

Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles worldwide, and it has 200 million Instagrammers visiting. It shows clearly that in advertising platforms, businesses are finding value. It is essential to know things happening in your Instagram profile, including who sees your ads, who mostly visit your profile, your posts’ performance, how your stories are engaging, etc.

If you do not assess our Instagram analytics properly, then you could be

  • Target the wrong audience
  • Driving irrelevant traffic to your profile
  • In stories and comments, you can miss the opportunities for brand engagement
  • Posting during non-optimal hours of the day

It is a very short list of things you could be doing. If you want to avoid this, better check your Instagram data regularly. The information you get from this data will help you to know how to improve the way of using this platform. You get more utility for your business.

Instagram profile analytics

You can directly access your profile analytics through my profile page. It shows the insight of your profile for that week. Let’s discuss insights in your profile.

Impressions: The total number of times your post has been seen during a particular time frame.

Interactions: Total number of actions taken on your account

Reach- The total number of unique accounts that see your post or story on that particular day.
Profile Visits: Total number of profile views over the week.

Mentions: Number of times other Instagram users have mentioned your profile.

Instagram post analytics

Once your profile is getting actions from the right audience, the next thing you have to concentrate on is your individual post analytics. It helps you to see how particular content is engaging with your audience.

Some statistics available for the individual post are:

Interactions: These actions are taken directly from your post. It records the actions like visiting your profile, using the call or email button in your profile, etc.

Discovery: This option helps you to find the posts of the account you may not follow. Your business account is also eligible to be displayed on this page. Instagram gives the data on the number of accounts that visit your post through that discovery page.

Follows- The Total number of followers you get from that post.

Reach – How many unique numbers of accounts has your post reached.

Saves: A total number of unique accounts save your post in their save folder.

Impressions: How many times your post was viewed.

Comments: Total number of comments you received on that post.

What data should you track?

You have to define your goal on this platform before starting to analyze this data. To use Instagram analytics as an advantage for your profile, you have to know what you are looking for.

You can track the following three main metrics to improve your profile:

1. Build brand awareness

Instagram is the best platform to build your brand awareness if you start a new business. If you are trying to launch a new product or enter a new market, Instagram is the best platform to focus on your target audiences.

The metrics you have to focus on well are the following:

Follower count: A growth in your followers will correspondingly help to grow your brand awareness. If you see that your follower count is increasing, then your brand is resonating on Instagram and you can do this with the help of real Instagram boosters. Some easy ways to improve your followers are by running ads, collaborating with relevant brands, and conducting contests.

Impressions: If you are looking to increase your brand awareness, you could buy Instagram impressions to maximize content views and substantial engagement. This further increases the number of people who visit both your posts and your profile.

Reach: It also tracks the number of views for your stories, posts, and accounts. The difference between reach and impression is that reach refers only to unique accounts. Growing Instagram reach is a critical thing when it comes to brand awareness.

2. Generate Leads

One of the very common goals among marketers is to generate leads. There are many methods you can use to get sales on Instagram. It includes running ads and posting any special offers for your followers.

The best two metrics used to generate leads are,

Website clicks: In your posts or stories, you can encourage your viewers to click on your or fill out forms on your website. Tracking these clicks will help you to find out how many individuals will actually do this.

Call or Email clicks: Phone calls and emails are the best indicators to make conversions.

3. Build a community

Instagram is the best place to build your community. It has been filled with more fun and visually engaging content. If your main goal is focused on this, you have to monitor your stories, commands, and engagements.

Commands: It is the better way to engage with your audience. Don’t forget to reply to comments in your post, and you can also comment on other posts. These are some of the easy ways to build a community.

Story replies: It is another way to develop your community. Instagram stories are a great tool to communicate with your followers and help you to build your community. It is an excellent sign if your followers take the time and reply to your story.

Best Instagram Tools

You can use many tools to track and evaluate your Instagram analytics to save time in this busy world. Here are the top five tools you can use:

  • Squarelovin
  • Hootsuite
  • Socialbakers
  • Sprout Social
  • Social Rank

Summing up

Whether you use tools or not, the tips explained in the blog will help you monitor your insights. If you want to build your profile and want to succeed in your business, this is the best time to start monitoring your Instagram analytics.

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