How to Prevent Data Breaches: 6 Tips for Business Owners


As the whole world becomes more digital, data security is more important than ever before. Maybe that is why the IT security consulting industry has been earning 3.7% more revenue each year since 2018. This market is now worth over $17 billion in a given year in the United States alone!

It is clear that people are placing a higher and higher premium on knowing how to prevent data breaches in their businesses. However, this makes sense when you account for the increasing rates of cybercrime that we are seeing around the world.

On top of that, many of the strategies that people are used to using to protect their data are now outdated. It is vital to keep up with the latest developments in the data security space to protect your business’s sensitive data. So what can you do to prevent data breaches from being a problem with your company?

Read on to learn all about the most powerful tips for helping business owners prevent data breaches!

1. Prevent Data Breaches With Strong Passwords

One of the most basic and powerful ways to protect your data is to make sure that you have effective passwords. If any of your employees or business leaders use weak passwords, that can provide an easy in for people attempting to access your sensitive data.
The bad news is that many people have incorrect ideas about what makes for a strong password. For example, many people think that a password should consist of a complicated jumble of letters, numbers, and symbols.

However, not only is this incorrect, it can actually make passwords weaker. When people feel like they have to make complicated passwords like this, they often make them shorter. Shorter passwords are much easier for criminals to break, even if they include symbols and numbers.

On top of that, when people create complicated passwords, they often give up on memorizing them. That goes double if they need to create many different complicated passwords for professional and personal use. That increases the chance that people will write down their passwords, which can make them easier to break.

The good news is that creating a strong password is much easier than most people think. Instead of focusing on complicated passwords, you will enjoy greater protection if you emphasize long passwords.

For example, a simple phrase like ‘going around the world’ is much harder for criminals to break with brute force tools than a shorter password with symbols and numbers. It is also easier to create and memorize passwords like this.

2. Teach Everyone About Data Security

Knowing about data security strategies may not provide much protection if you are the only one who is using them. It is vital that businesses keep their employees and leaders up to date on data protection policies.

Consider putting together training meetings to help employees understand better how to protect business data. However, you will often enjoy greater compliance rates if you teach a little bit at a time. You might start by teaching people about making strong passwords and then move on later to teaching them about updating software.

3. Improve Cybersecurity With Updated Software

Without protection, software tools can provide criminals with the route they need to access sensitive business data. However, for this reason, most big software companies make sure their products are resistant to criminal activity.

As the world of cybercrime evolves, software tools need updates to defend against the latest techniques. That is one reason why software companies often send out software updates.

However, if someone at your company fails to update their software tools, they may be creating a security vulnerability. Make sure that everyone at your company updates their software tools on a regular basis.

4. Use Data Security Strategies During Disposal

Some companies become careless when it is time for them to get rid of data. However, old data often provides criminals with more than enough information to wreak havoc.
Among other things, it is important to shred paper documents. You will also need to make sure that your data storage devices are properly cleared of sensitive data before disposing of them.

5. Stop Data Breaches With Background Checks

These days, data breaches, from within as often as they come from without. That means that it is vital that you make sure that you can trust your employees and company leaders. In fact, you also need to extend this to vendors and contractors.

Before you provide your business data to anyone, take the time to run a background check on them. Even with that done, you do not need to be reckless with sensitive data. Consider creating levels of access for different people based on how much of your confidential data they need access to.

6. Invest in Penetration Testing

It is easy to invest in a lot of security practices without ever knowing for sure how effective they are. However, you can use penetration testing to find out if your data is sensitive to savvy cybercriminals or not. If a company can break into your data, then there is a good chance that a criminal can as well.

That can provide you with the information you need to make your data safer. Consider taking the time to choose a pen test company that can help you find your security vulnerabilities.

Know How to Prevent Data Breaches

You might have been able to get away without knowing how to prevent data breaches so far. However, as criminal activity online is becoming more common than ever, digital security is becoming more of a priority. Keeping up to date on data breach prevention strategies is a vital part of helping your business grow in the long run.

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