How to Make an Animated Explainer Video?


Do you know how to make an animated explainer video? No, Don’t worry. We have made this post to educate all of you.

Our mind is a strange thing. What a person perceives and finds interesting is altogether a different experience. But one thing is for sure what we find the most attractive is an animated video. Whether you are a grown-up or a child, it hardly matters.

An Animated video is surely going to catch your attention. Nowadays many people use animation in their videos to explain anything. The animation makes the videos more catchy and engaging.

The same phenomenon is used by many companies to sell their products by making special animated videos explaining every minute detail about the product, thereby increasing awareness about the product and the brand.

These videos are called animated explainer videos. If you are also looking forward to creating an animated explainer video, here are some easy steps to get along.

According to a marketing report by the Wyzowl State of Video, Over 80% of marketers say videos increase the time users spend on your website, attract more leads, and, most importantly, help consumers understand your product better.

These videos are created by the best animation video production companies who thrive in excellence and expertise and understand the nuances of marketing very well.

Well, besides marketers, even the consumers narrate the same story. According to a report by Consumer agree, around 68% of the surveyed consumers say that they enjoy watching a video for learning about a service or a product. While 79% of the consumers say that they got convinced to purchase software or an app merely by watching the video.

Let’s start with how to make an animated explainer video.

Guide to Make an Animated Explainer Video

While you can consider getting help from an animation video production company, it is not impossible to create a video all by yourself. All you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps to create an animated explainer video on your own.

Step 1:- Choose a Video Style

Though most animated explainer videos are made using animated graphics, you are always welcome to choose any video style from the below-mentioned list that perfectly resonates with your preferences and choices.

  • Live-action or Talking Head
  • Whiteboard drawing
  • Screencast video

You are also at liberty to change the video style at any point in making the video. How to avoid knowing about your choice and matches is preliminary so that you can focus on other aspects of your video such as​ scriptwriting.

Step 2:-Write Down Your Script

A video without a script is like a body without a backbone, that is aimless. Therefore, it is a very important part of your video-making. Every video requires a story and if the visuals are played in perfect order, the illustration and explanation of the video become fruitful. Before writing the script, you should make sure that your script answers​ the following questions-

  • What is the product or service that you are selling?
  • For whom the video or products are for?
  • What are the problems that the products or services solve?
  • How do they help in solving the problems faced by the customers?
  • As a customer, what should he do to get started?

Besides the above-mentioned​ questions, you should also focus on the length of your video. Most animated videos are 1 to 2 minutes​ in length, you should practice your script priority to conclude it in time.

Step 3:- Recording and Editing of the video Narration

At this stage, you first need to choose who will be the “voice” of your video and represent your company. Just about any sound can work. The key is how they narrate the script. You want people to reflect the right attitude towards your company, product, or service, which will be fulfilled only by the right narration.

Once the voice of your company is chosen, you should record at a very quiet location or in a recording room. You should use a high-quality microphone and recording software for this purpose. Do not get upset while the person speaking stammers or gets disoriented while speaking. You can always take a hiatus and then carry on with the recording work.

Once the recording is done, the editing part plays an important role. Editing is very important for your video and audio to make sure that unwanted noises such as breaths, clicks, pops, etc. are removed from the recorded audio to get a clean sound.

Step 4:- Collection​ of Graphics, Videos, and Other Assets

For animated video, the collection or creation of graphics, characters, and other media enters here and is the most daunting task apparently. However, with the right knowledge, you can do it. Whenever you create a video title, screencast, or whiteboard talk, prepare and complete the recording. There is no need to use overly complex graphics. Simple, use clear graphics that articulate your message so viewers can focus on the overall message and not get disoriented.

Step 5:- Editing and Arrangement of the Media

Once all the ingredients or the raw parts are collected, it is time to convert them into the final results. This is a path where you should follow certain tutorials for using animations, behavior, and other features in your would-be Masterpiece. These tutorials will help you in the best possible way despite your chosen video style-

  • Camtasia Behaviors
  • Animation & Effects
  • Animation In-depth
  • Transitions and Annotations

You should always first complete the video and send it to your close friends to get the proper feedback before uploading it.

Step 6:- Addition of Music

Your next step includes the addition of music which is also an important step. You can acquire music at various paid and free resources such as

  • YouTube Audio Library
  • Premium Beat
  • Atomica Music Library

Step 7:- Publishing, Sharing, and Tracking

Once you have gotten a positive review about your video, it’s time to publish the video on the hosting platform. You can also share the video with your relatives and acquaintances as well as track the performance of the video.

So now, you have the answer to the question of how to make an animated explainer video and we hope the above-mentioned steps will certainly help you in creating the best video that will help you in selling the products​ or services.

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