How to Enhance Your PC Gaming Experience?


People today prefer PC gaming over console gaming. The prime reasons for the growing popularity of PC gaming are higher graphics, greater user control, and the unlimited number of games you have access to. However, if your computer is not fully optimized for gaming and you’re not using quality internet connections like Cox internet deals (for online games), the experience will suck big time! Luckily, there are many ways to fix these issues and enhance your computer’s gaming performance.

#1. Have Good Processors & Graphics Card

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the computer’s main chip. It tells the system what to do according to the instructions it receives from the programs running on the computer. There are two main types of CPUs: AMD and Intel. And there is a constant debate over which one is better. Lately, people have generally favored AMD in terms of power as well as price.

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You also need to make sure your computer has a quality Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). This is important so that your computer can easily handle high frame rates for smooth video gaming. A minimum of 8GB is required for the purpose.

When it comes to the graphics card that contains the GPU, there are two major manufacturers: Nvidia and AMD. It’s hard to recommend one brand because they’re strong competitors of each other. But if you are a desktop gamer and can mix and match a Nvidia graphics card with an AMD CPU, it would get you the maximum power at the best price.

#2. Upgrade Graphic & Video Drivers

Graphics card manufacturers want to make sure that all popular and new games run well on their hardware. This is why brands such as Intel, Nvidia, and AMD regularly release drivers with improvements on their cards. Therefore, if you wish to boost the performance of your graphics card, you must download and install the most recent drivers for it.

Typically, the new drivers are available on the website of the manufacturer. You can easily download it from there by following the simple steps shown on the installation wizard. Also, remember to check the auto-update settings. This will ensure that if a new patch is released in the future, your driver will be updated automatically.

#3. Choose Ethernet Over Wi-Fi

In online video gaming, there is a concept called ‘ping.’ It refers to network latency, which is the time your PC takes to send data to the internet server and back to the computer. The lower the latency, the faster and better the gaming performance. Therefore it is not wise to rely on unstable Wi-Fi signals to play online games. You should instead connect your PC to an Ethernet cable. This might seem like an old-fashioned idea. But when it comes to gaming, it works much better than the modern Wi-Fi solution.

#4. Optimize In-Game Settings

By optimizing your game settings, you can significantly boost the FPS (frame per second) rate. The options vary from game to game. However, you should first look for the settings under ‘special effects’ and ‘post-processing.’ Try disabling the features you can do without in your game. Then reduce the ‘texture quality’ and ‘render distance’ options. Although turning these down may affect the visual quality, but it would also improve the FPS.

#5. Use FPS Booster Software

The FPS booster software can improve the frame rate in your games. It stops or slows down the background processes and frees up computer power for your game. Microsoft has Game Mode for Windows 10. You can activate it by pressing the Windows + G keys while you’re in a game. Game Mode lowers the impact that other programs running on your system have. However, it would be better if you choose to close these programs directly through Task Manager.

Similarly, the software Cortex can be used to prioritize the processing resources for your game. It also does other functions such as turning off your computer’s sleep mode. It is free software so you must try it to see how it can help.

#6. Disable Toggle & Sticky Keys

The convenient use of a mouse and keyboard is one of the biggest reasons why PC gaming is considered superior to console gaming. But there is nothing worse than your mouse/keyword betraying you at a crucial point in a game. You can prevent them from making these unexpected moves by disabling the toggle keys and sticky keys.

#7. Reduce Screen Resolution

Higher resolution means there would be a greater number of pixels for your graphic card to render. This can affect your frame rate negatively. Ideally, you want your game and screen resolution to be the same. But if you’re having difficulty maintaining the FPS even after modifying other game settings, then you should also reduce your screen resolution. Nearly every game has this option in the video settings menu.

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