How to Engage Remote Meetings?


Do you know how to engage remote meeting participants? Let’s be honest! The serious conference calls have become a source of funny memes and videos. From spouses walking into the meeting unintentionally to children shouting in the background, numerous blunders are happening around the globe, and nobody can stop themselves from laughing. As funny as it seems for the viewers, people who are in it drown in the pool of their embarrassment. Nobody wishes to be in such a centre of attraction.

Especially when it is an official meeting, there are unwritten rules to be known and understood by every member. The pandemic has dragged most of the industries to go virtual. That means even their meetings, be it their team or the potential clients, have gone virtual. Going virtual would mean a lot of static noises, poor connections, and lower-quality videos.

But, over time, the apps have improved their quality. Many apps have come into the market that provide better services.

How to Make Remote Meetings More Engaging?

Here are some tips that can help you to have a smooth flow of the conference call. Meanwhile, we will also address a few productive apps to improve your quality of service.Let’s see how to engage remote meetings participants.

Inform in advance

Let the invitees know about the meeting at least a week in advance. If it is an emergency meeting, informing a day ahead will give a heads up for the attendees to prepare for the meeting. Before the meeting is scheduled let the attendees know the agenda and share it with them through your common communication platform.

The best platform to share information is email. However, various CRM applications can put your team together in one group and create hassle-free communications like Slack or Trello. Such a communication platform keeps everyone in the loop and ensures nobody misses the information.

Getting your prospects for a meeting

With the change in organizational structure in almost every other company these days, the decision-makers have also changed. With new people taking up the new roles, it has become difficult for the sales and marketing team to keep track of the new contacts. For such institutions, there are email search tools available to get the right connections. One such qualitative tool is

This tool helps you to find email addresses for free. is a freemium email search platform that is AI-powered and has a massive database of email contacts of all professionals around the world. It can fetch you the email addresses within just a matter of seconds. It is qualitative plus highly effective with a maximum success rate compared to any other in the market. comes with a Chrome extension for LinkedIn accounts. You can find the email address of the potential person on this professional media site easily.

Unwritten rules of the meeting

When it comes to team meetings or client meetings, no technology can meet the impact it makes when it’s an in-person engagement. The etiquette we follow when it is a personal meeting is totally different from virtual meetings. Though different, there are unwritten rules required to follow to maintain the code of conduct. Here are some of them,

  • If you are on time, then you’re already 5 minutes late for the meeting. Make sure that you are 5 minutes early and check the technicalities to avoid any disturbances.
  • Ensure to sit in a comfortable and noise-free place. Favour a non-distracting background.
  • Once on the call, let the initiator know about your presence. A simple hello or hi would do it. Immediately put yourself on mute if you aren’t talking.
  • If you are the initiator, introduce everyone present on the call and wait for the ones who haven’t joined yet. A 5-minute wait is ideal.
  • Keep yourself on mute until it is your turn to talk. Apologize if there is any background noise. It is the basic courtesy you owe to the attendees.
  • Have a small talk before the meeting as an icebreaker.

Engage the people

Do not miss the chance of getting people to talk to everyone so they can get connected. It’s good to know each other when working remotely. It gives a sense of belonging when you aren’t working together physically.

Divide the responsibilities

Divide the roles between the team members so that every member feels included. For recurring meetings, you can keep changing the person responsible for the nuances of the meetings. This way, each member will be interested and will be active during the conferences.


Make efforts to keep the meeting colourful, like interactive brainstorming sessions and lively presentations. Ask the participants to present their ideas without the fear of being judged. There is never a wrong idea. Be approachable to each other while having a conversation. Add a light sense of humour to lighten the mood. And at the end, give your teammates something to look forward to.

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