How to Draw Anime Characters


The global anime market is worth over twenty billion dollars. It’s a very popular form of entertainment.

Do you want to start drawing anime characters, either as a hobby or professionally?

Well, we can help. Read on to find out how to draw anime characters.

Knowing the Proportions

When you’re drawing anime characters’ faces, there are certain proportions that you should use to keep them in the right style. You can start by dividing an oval into quarters. You should draw the eyes right below the middle of the shape.

The eyes should be big, around a quarter of the size of the face. Then, you can draw the eyebrows right about the middle of the shape.

You can also use shapes to help you draw an anime character’s face. You use a circle to form the majority of the head. Then, you use a quadrilateral for the bottom half of the face, and a triangle at the bottom to form the anime character’s chin.

Of course, once you’re used to the general proportions you can make adjustments so that all of your characters look different. You can make more of an oval shape, rather than a circle.

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Create the Body

Once you have the basics of the image, you can start adding other parts to your character. Add hair to your character.

Create the body of your character. You’ll start with a general outline of your character. Think of how you want your new anime characters positioned.

The legs of your character should be somewhat longer than the arms and body. Ensure that the outline of your body is proportional to the anime head you’ve driven.

Now that you have a general outline, you can flesh out the design of your character’s body. Add some dimension to your stick figure shape.

Ensure that the arms and legs of your character are evenly sized. The torso should be smaller at the bottom than it is on top.

The exact size and shape of your character’s body is a personal choice, so feel free to experiment with different options while you design your new anime character.

If you’ve used outlining to help put different parts of your character’s body together, you can erase those once you have more details down.

Practice Your Drawing

Like with learning most skills, the best way to improve your anime drawing is to practice. You can practice drawing by imitating different characters from anime books, movies, and television shows.

You can also ask a professional to give you some advice. There are plenty of incredible animators out there. Check out for the help you need.

How to Draw Anime Characters? Start Today

Now that you have some idea of how to draw anime characters, it’s time to start practicing.
Do you need more advice on improving your art? Check out the rest of this site for all the help you need.

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